There don’t appear to be breaks in the pain humans are experiencing anymore. We hardly have the time to fully grieve when yet another situation unfolds.

Responding To Tragedy In This World

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If you pay attention to the news, then you are likely overwhelmed with the evil and tragedy in this world today. I know we are. Each time we hear of another earthquake, famine, tragic act of violence, or other painful event happening to mankind all around us, we wonder when all this will stop.  When we will all live in harmony with one King?  How long will this last? When will You come for Your bride, Jesus?   There don’t appear to be breaks in the pain humans are experiencing anymore.  We hardly have the time to fully grieve when yet another situation unfolds. Are you overwhelmed with the events unfolding before your very eyes?  Do you fear?  Or are you strategically handling each and every situation with delicacy and wise decisions?

10 ways to master your homemaking with over 80 resources to do it with. If there's ever been an area of your homemaking you want to work on (or master), you've got to read this!

10 Ways To Master Your Homemaking Skills

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Homemaking matters.  Even in the twenty-first century while the world tempts us to spend more time away from our homes doing “important” things and being “productive,” we still understand that a peaceful home leads to a peaceful heart. We still care that our homes are clean and presentable, that our husbands, family and friends enjoy being there with us, and that we manage them to the best of our abilities–even though none of us are perfect.  And it’s only when we realize that we cannot achieve perfection–nor are we required to–that we really start to enjoy the process. I know that my home will never be perfect–but it’s put together with warm thoughts and loving service.  I believe that this is the reason we all enjoy spending our time here, and why I long to live my role as a homemaker to the fullest.  I enjoy the process of being a good steward in my home and responsible for the peaceful nature.  As such, I always enjoy learning from other homemakers that are doing well and loving their roles as homemakers as well.  There is so much we can learn from each other.

To the mother who lives with guilt... There are two things you need to know. First, you are not alone. And second, there is a way to break free.

To The Mother Who Lives With Guilt

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It’s midnight.  You’re in bed.  You should be asleep, but all you can think about are the dishes in the sink.  The next morning when you get up you pull clothes from a stack of clean clothes–not the closet.  Before the kids get on the bus, you hand them lunch money because you didn’t get a lunch packed for them. This morning, you’ll stop by the store and buy a cake for your son’s birthday party because you didn’t have time to make one for him.  And in the evening as you clean up dinner you sigh to yourself and wonder how another week went by without your getting a chance to get a single family devotional in. And you feel guilt… More days than not you are reminding yourself of all the things you didn’t get done for your children.  The guilt piles up.  All the other moms can keep their houses clean and make meals for their families–why can’t you? But the truth is…

He is on the path of life who heeds instruction, But he who ignores reproof goes astray.

Heeding Instruction On The Pathway To Life

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“I don’t believe God disciplines anyone,” she told me as we stood outside the back doors of the hospital on our morning coffee break.  I have to admit, I was caught off guard.  Linda (name changed for privacy) had been doing prison ministries with me for a couple years.  I found her full of God’s compassion, and I enjoyed hearing her speak about the Lord’s guidance over our lives. “Linda, the bible clearly tells us He disciplines us as a loving Father would,” came my automatic answer. “I know, but that was like what He did to Eli, or those other people in the Old Testament” was her reassurance to me. My conversation with Linda that day brought me to more and more of an awareness of how many people don’t understand the discipline we receive yet today.  And without understanding that it is there, it can be hard to receive it as it was meant and change our thoughts and deeds in accordance with God’s Will.

Those who persecute: torture, enslave, rape, and kill Christians. These are our enemies. How can we work toward loving and praying for them? Here is a crucial first step toward these acts of obedience.

Called To Love And Pray For Our Enemies–Even When It’s Hard

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Most of us are pretty aware of the 10 commandments, and even try really hard to keep them all to the best of our abilities.  But what about all of the other commandments God gives us in the Old Testament?  What about the ones Jesus gives us in the New Testament? In this area, many of us struggle sometimes–either because we don’t know what they all are, or simply because they are really, really, hard. Right now we face a time of open persecution of Christians all over the world. Every day Christians are being burned, crucified, and beheaded simply for being a follower of Jesus Christ. In our western world, we fervently hope and pray that their persecution would end–and that they would be strong and brave in the midst of it.  But Jesus asks more of us.

How is a wife able to give her husband full confidence in her, and make sure he lacks nothing of value?

Possessing His Full Confidence & Lacking Nothing of Value

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As the king instructs his son of the woman he should seek for a wife, he has this to say about a woman worthy of marriage: Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.                                                                                                                                                            Proverbs 31:11 Whether you are single or married, I challenge you to this question:  are you a woman who can give her husband full confidence in you?  The woman who would give her husband no room for doubt or distrust? What would that look like?

When we've been attacked and are at our most vulnerable, the Psalmist guides us in a prayer to help us get through this hard time.

A Prayer For When We Are Attacked

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We’ve all been there.  Some of us more often than others, but nonetheless, we all share this dreadful, agonizing experience… We’ve all been attacked. As women, it doesn’t matter how we’ve been attacked or by whom, it turns emotional more than anything. But as Christians, we are called not to act inappropriately with those emotions.  One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control.  However appropriate it may be to feel and experience our emotions, when walking in obedience, we must try to control those emotions.

After being told my whole life I would never be able to conceive a child, it's unimaginable to me that I am now a part of a very different Mother's Day celebration. This is the best Mother's Day gift ever.

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

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Years ago (more than I care to share), as a teenager I was told I would be unable to conceive.  Staying pregnant was not a foreseen problem.  Getting pregnant was. I have always wanted nothing more than to be a mother.  Being told that the one thing I really wanted to do with my life was not a possibility, was devastating. I was as heartbroken as any emotional teenager would be.  Over the years, I continued to talk to my doctors, and they all reaffirmed this detrimental diagnosis. I went into this marriage completely honest with my husband–we would never get pregnant.  We knew 100% it wasn’t going to happen–after all, every doctor I had ever talked to about the issue had confirmed this without a doubt.

How would things be different if we were praying over the work of our husbands' hands? We could unleash blessing we would never see.

Praying Blessings Over The Work Of Your Husband’s Hands

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Another month, and another area of prayer focus for our husbands.  If you are just joining us, we are committing to chose an area of focus and key scripture to pray over our husbands each and every day for a month at a time.  This series is for single women, engaged women, and married women alike. If you would like to go back to the beginning of this series, you are welcome to start here.  Also, if you want to pick from a list of prayers we have done so far, check here (though they won’t be in order). It is not necessary to start anywhere specific.  If you would like to you can start right here today, and continue to follow along by email (I’ll talk about that later). The most popular prayer for our husbands so far, (in traffic, in Facebook posts, Twitter, Pinterest and by Google search) is Praying Over Your Husband’s Career and Work Ethic.  We’ve transitioned away from praying over this area, but I strongly feel it’s time to visit it again with a new focus.

No matter how close or distant to God you feel, He wants a deeper relationship with you--and He always will. It doesn't matter who you are, there's a way to strengthen and mature that relationship.

The Key To Deepening Your Relationship With Christ

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In our modern age, you have a plethora of resources available by which to gain encouragement and guidance in your life as a Christian. If you are in a free country, then you have churches available to you either in person, by postal mail, or via the internet. In many cases, it is easier to get a meeting with a pastor than it is a much needed medical professional. If you live in an area with other Christians, hopefully you see enough of them on a daily basis to feel encouragement through them. With all the resources and people around us, much can be learned about Jesus, his love for us, his perfect gift, and God’s original and modified plan for our lives. With all the facts and knowledge we can gain from listening to wonderful teachers, counselors, educated peers, and ministry leaders, there is still one thing none of them will ever be able to do for us.