10 Things Homeschooled Children Don’t Miss

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I have a friend who tried–really tried–to let her children go through the public school system.  And last year she decided what was best for their family was to begin homeschooling this year.

At first, her oldest child was not overly pleased with the situation.  She told her parents over and over again she just wanted to go to school.  She would sulk when it was time to “do school.”  Progress was slow and neither mother nor child was having any fun, to say the least.

Over time, she has adjusted.  A few weeks ago I asked her how it was going, and her face brightened up and she told me that she just loved it.  My heart was touched.  Once she realized (as far as her young heart could realize) all the wonderful aspects of homeschool, she just didn’t miss public school anymore.

My children have never wanted to attend a public school, but I often wonder if it’s coming.  My husband and I wanted to be prepared, so we decided to come up with a list of things they really aren’t missing.


1.  Bullies

Every school has one–or more.  And generally there is one in every grade.  If your child doesn’t know who the bully is, it is possible that it’s your child.  Homeschooling prevents my child from having to put up with a bully for hours a day every day.  It also means that my child is not the bully.

At some point in our lives, we all have to deal with bullies.  Five years old is not when I want my child to start “learning” about them.  We spend a lot of time working on what a means to not be a bully.  Should my children start attending a public school, I want them well aware of how to deal with a bully in a healthy, godly manner.  I want to have taught them skills and the Word of God before they have to deal with this.

The ratio of my husband and I to our children is a lot smaller than the ratio of a teacher to all his/her pupils.  A teacher could miss who the bullies are.  And even if s/he knows who the bullies are, how would one teacher keep up with it all?  I can teach my child to keep a godly demeanor better than a teacher. We don’t miss bullies.

2.  Sitting at a desk for 7-8 hours a day.

Very few of my homeschooling mommy friends start homeschooling very early in the morning with their younger children.  Why?  Because children need to wiggle!  Most moms of young homeschoolers that I know do chores or let the kids run around or do family physical education.

In the summer, our mornings are in the gardens and out walking the neighborhood.

It amazes me that teachers of young children can get kids to sit in desks as often and as long as they do–if you are one of these teachers, you really have my respect.

Much of our learning is hands-on.  I think most homeschoolers have hands-on learning.  My children definitely don’t miss sitting at a desk for 7-8 hours a day.

3.  Watching bad examples day after day after day

It’s just the nature of the beast that there will be kids misbehaving at school.  And, since most children aren’t blind or deaf, all the other kids are going to see this poor behavior.  I am a firm believer that what you don’t discourage, you encourage.

I wonder, how would a teacher discipline my child?  I know they wouldn’t spank my child or even have them stand with their nose on the wall.  They probably wouldn’t do time-out.  I feel bad when any one individual is stuck in this position with someone else’s child.  If you cannot effectively discipline (discourage) the trouble-maker, then you are essentially encouraging other children to see if they can push buttons too.

I neither want my child to teach others bad behaviors nor learn them from others.  Having them at home means I can stop the bad behaviors before the child learns they can get away with it.  My children do not miss watching bad examples and learning bad behaviors.

4.  “Learning” that God isn’t as Holy as He really is

Simple things, such as taking “One nation, under God” out of the pledge of allegiance, show a lack of respect.  I respect other people.  And I respect [most] of their religions.  But I respect God more.  My children need to always respect God more.

There is a blatant disregard for God and who He is in our public system.  Children are supposed to go to school to learn.  Is this what they go to learn?  It appears this way.  My children won’t miss being “taught” that God isn’t as Holy as He really is.

5.  Viral Infections

If you aren’t around viruses, you don’t catch them.  Period.  We don’t miss catching all the viruses.

6.  Choose ungodly friends

When we read God’s Word, He teaches us how to choose Godly friends.  I don’t believe that all these lessons are learned by preschool or even kindergarten.  Homeschooling children gives them a few more years to decipher God’s Word and really take them to heart.

This keeps children who picked unfavorable friends at a young age from heart break and taking the road well traveled when they get older.  We won’t miss making friends of poor choice at a young age.

7.  Homework assignments that must be done on a night when family events should be taking place

When a public school student has homework, it is absolutely essential that it get done that night, on time.  It keeps the group running smoothly when all the students are on the same schedule.  It’s important.  Unfortunately, it can mean missed time with the family at home.

When family events come up in our house, school assignments take the back burner for a day.  We won’t miss giving up valuable family time for homeschool assignments.


8.  Waiting until junior high to learn an instrument.

I had a two year old who was obsessed with the piano.  He prayed at least once every day for a year that God would gift us a piano.  Imagine my surprise when God gifted us a piano.  He kept this obsession as he watched me play for a year.  When he was four, he could stand it no longer.  He was able to start learning at four years old.

Where we live, you cannot learn an instrument until the sixth grade.  The nearest private musical lessons are three towns away.

We will not miss waiting 7 or 8 more years to begin learning music.


9.  Pagan holidays


10.  Being fed lies

We learn what is in books.  Not all books tell truths.  Who gets to pick these books?  We, the parents, do not.  If our children are homeschooled, we get to pick truths to teach them, instead of teaching what is politically correct.


I can think of quite a few more reasons, but for the sake of brevity, those are the top 10.  Do you have any reasons you would add to the list?

10 Things Homeschoolers won't and don't miss about public education.



7 thoughts on “10 Things Homeschooled Children Don’t Miss

  1. Love this, all of this is so true. My husband would especially like the “Being Fed Lies” one. Why teach our children lies, let them be taught the truth. I feel we are very similar in our thinking. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I love this list and your points are so true!

    I was bullied as a child (from grade 4 to grade 10). That’s 6 years of torment! No child deserves that!

    The long days are brutal. We’re usually wrapped up within 3-4 hours. What a difference it makes to have less children to teach!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are absolutely correct–no child deserves to be bullied. On the flip-side, having my children with me to guide for longer, assists to make sure they don’t turn out bullies themselves.
      We get a ton of work done in a day compared to public schools, and only need half a day. I can’t imagine a different way.
      Thank you for your insight and sharing your experiences.

  3. Oh this is just too good. My husband and I decided before having children that homeschooling was one of the best things we could do as parents. We use to catch continual flack from family members. They would love to talk about how different that would make our kids. Our reply? “We certainly hope so.”

    1. Great answer Alli. We hadn’t originally planned on it, but we are so glad we have now. It has been hard on our extended family as well. Some days we feel like we’re just in defense mode–I know how you feel.

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