5 Ways To Bring The Lame And Blind To Jesus

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We see over and over (especially in the gospels) the amazing healing powers of Jesus Christ.  One such verse reads:

Great crowds came to him, bringing the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and many others, and laid them at his feet; and he healed them.                                                                                               Matthew 15:30


It’s a touching story of one event that took place over and over as Jesus walked this earth.  Repeatedly we see Jesus heal any and all that only ask.  Not once do I see in the Bible where Jesus said, “Not today, I’m tired” or “Bring me something to eat first.”

While we see some dialogue with those asking to be healed or those interceding on their behalf, no one who comes to Jesus honest and with faith that he can heal them is turned away.

Is this just a history story to us?  Or when we look at Matthew 15:30, do we ask ourselves how can I take the blind, crippled and mute to Jesus and lay them at His feet?


Although times have changed, and we know Jesus to be all around us at all times, the unbeliever (spiritually blind) may not.  She/he may still believe God is in the physical walls of a church, temple or other building.  Rather than expecting them to understand He is not limited to any of these walls and His high dwelling place is in heaven and not any building, it becomes our job now to become these “great crowds” the bible mentions.

If we understand that unbelievers may be subject to this kind of thinking, how are we to help them get to the feet of Jesus?

We could simply just tell them.  You’ll hear over and over about people who go home, sit alone in their bedroom and start a dialogue with Jesus.  “Jesus, Paula from church told me you’re all around me all the time, so I’d like to talk to you…”

But there will always be some who aren’t comfortable with this until they feel like they’ve been where Jesus is.  These people feel a need to be where Jesus is before asking for healing–and in some cases before even understanding that they need healing–or that Jesus is the ultimate Healer.  How are we to help these people and lay them at the feet of Jesus when they don’t invite Jesus to come to them?

Invite them to open events

This may be the most obvious of all.  You know that you can ask anything of Jesus and He comes to us.  I know that.  But those who are not in Christ may not understand this.  Physically taking them to where they believe Jesus to be may resonate more with them.

Invite people to go to church with you.  Invite them to appropriate engagements and to listen to appropriate speakers.  Is there a women’s conference coming up?  Although a few are private and only for church members, most are open to the public.  Find out, and invite people as appropriate.

Invite them over for tea

If people know you are a Christian, then coming to your home for tea or coffee may make them more comfortable talking about or asking you questions about God, the signs of the times, or their eternal destiny.

Invite them for a bible study

Social events like bible studies can be a great way for someone to feel welcomed by Christians without all the “pressure” of church.  And for many nonbelievers, going to a bible study may be the only time they actually open a bible and read the words.

Many churches out there are, unfortunately, giving church services every Sunday without even opening their bibles.  Faith comes by hearing and reading the word of God (Romans 10:17)–not merely someone else’s interpretation of it.

Hand down an encouraging story

Are you done reading a book about a true story of God’s healing hand in someone’s life?  Rather than holding onto that book and letting it gather dust on your bookshelf all the days of it’s life, why not give it to someone it can speak to?

While the unbeliever isn’t going to feel like God is with the book, reading an inspiring story can make them understand more that God is already within their reach.  Or, it can encourage them to ask if they can come with you to church, a women’s event, a bible study, etc.

Be the light

Have you been around those Christians where you just feel Jesus’ love coming out of them?  You’re probably not the only one–and just maybe others have felt the same way around you.

When you are out and about, or spending time with a specific set of people, do they just know you are a Christian, or do they feel it?  It can be hard for any of us to think that others “feel Christ” when we are around–especially the humble among us.  Be God tells us specifically to be the light for Him (Matthew 5:14).

Embrace His words, evaluate your life and make changes where possible, and pray for what you need to accomplish His goals.  Be the willing vessel.

No matter what you know, there will always be people who don’t understand until you speak their language.  For this reason, even though we know that any man can turn to Christ for healing and forgiveness of their sins without being anywhere special, we understand that others may not.  And these people may need to feel like they need to be in God’s physical presence in order to seek healing.  That’s okay–if that’s how we need to speak their language, we can do that.

There are still blind, lame, and other sick among us that need laid at Jesus feet. Here are some ways we can help some of them get there.

As a last word of caution Friends, guard your heart.  I know that if you read this today, then you understand that although we can help people “get” to Jesus, none of us can make them approach Him with honesty and faith in their hearts to ask for healing.  That’s up to them.

Do not feel guilt for those around you who do not have faith and/or honesty in their hearts once they do approach God.  Only they can make this step.  But be comforted in knowing that once they do in honesty and faith, He will never say no.


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