A Prayer For When We Are Attacked

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We’ve all been there.  Some of us more often than others, but nonetheless, we all share this dreadful, agonizing experience… We’ve all been attacked.

As women, it doesn’t matter how we’ve been attacked or by whom, it turns emotional more than anything.

But as Christians, we are called not to act inappropriately with those emotions.  One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control.  However appropriate it may be to feel and experience our emotions, when walking in obedience, we must try to control those emotions.


Attacks can come in the form of physical challenges, such as someone getting into your bubble, flaunting harmful opinions or experiences on our children, or down-right touching you or your property in a harmful or threatening way.

Attacks can be directly emotional, such as an insult to how you do things, how you look, raise your children, treat your husband or keep your home.

Attacks can also be passive-aggressive, such as when someone intentionally helps you in an area they believe you need help in for the sake of making you feel inadequate.

And let’s face it, some people attack with simply, ugly words.

How Are We To Respond To Attacks?

It would be easy to yell, threaten, curse, or say ugly things back to our attackers.  But Jesus calls us to love them—even pray for them.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not always ready for this step.

Before I am to a place where I can call on the Lord to bless them, I am often in a place where I feel the need to defend myself.  And when I am, I need to ask the Lord to give me strength, poise, humility, and be my defense.

I find a beautiful prayer in the Psalms to comfort me and assist me in my calling on the Lord to be my shield.

But I am deaf to all their threats.
    I am silent before them as one who cannot speak.
I choose to hear nothing,
    and I make no reply.
For I am waiting for you, O Lord.
    You must answer for me, O Lord my God.             
                                                                                                                                              Psalm 38:13-15


No matter who you are—how noble you are—or how invisible you believe you may be—someone out there has something negative to say about you.  It’s an ugly truth.  No one person is able to make everyone love (or even just like) them.

It is simply better not to listen to those ugly lies.  Don’t listen to them.  When a gossip starts to tell you something someone else has said about you, stop them.  You don’t need to hear it.

If you do hear it?  Ignore it.  Jesus was silent before all His accusers.  As hard as it may be, try to get up and calmly walk away.

Choose not to hear.  If you do, choose not to reply.

Wait for the Lord—He will be your refuge.

Take the Psalmist’s lead and pray this over yourself as well.


When we've been attacked and are at our most vulnerable, the Psalmist guides us in a prayer to help us get through this hard time.

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  1. Amen, beautiful post. I am one who talks to herself throughout the day. Especially in the office environment I have had to carry on a conversation continually in order NOT to walk into the thoughts and words of the world. Thank you Jesus for strengthening me.

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