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Welcome to Growing In His Grace.  My name is Deborah.  I am first and foremost a Child of the Most High God, and then the Farmer’s wife, and then a mommy.

I have a passion for Christ, but what you’ll see most here is my passion for other women to have a passion for Christ.

I have spent much time earning various degrees, and then traveling the world on various medical missions.  All of my hard work and the Lord’s guidance has led me to the best life possible I could never have imagined…

I met my husband later in life than most in the most unusual of circumstances. We started our family while I watched most of my friends send their children off to college.  And while I’m watching friends I’ve worked with for years climb their corporate ladders, I’m loving my new (and recent) life as a stay-at-home mother.

We live on a farm where life moves slow and simple.  Our plot of land is the original homestead of this family–and we try to be fairly self-sufficient with some modern conveniences.  (If you’re interested to see how that all works for us, join me over at my other site, Grace Garden And Homestead.)

If you would like to hear the messy story of when I was reborn and the pain I went through, head over to The Day I Found Out I Wasn’t A Christian.  I think that’s a great place for us to start our journey.

I hope you’ll stay around and we can get to know each other.  If you’d like that too, sign up below to join my newsletter list.

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for your detailed posts on Courtship. We have 3 daughters over age 20. We are having a terrible time w/ this issue, because people have different ideas of what courting is! We have had family members interfering with the whole process. This has caused daughters to lack trust in us, their parents, to make a good decision on their behalf. This is the most heartbreaking part! I hope your articles will help other parents and children make concrete decisions/agreements with each other before courting starts! Thanks!

    1. Courting is a topic that although is gaining in popularity, it is still widely misunderstood. Every courtship is different, and I dare-say–courting isn’t for everyone. For those who choose courtship, guidelines and boundaries must be set by each child and their parents before any potential suitors enter the picture. This way the child and parent(s) are in agreeance when these situations do come up.
      God doesn’t make mistakes–He gave your children to you. This may be hard for others to accept–especially if they love your child too. Keep praying for godly discernment, and choices for you and your daughters. And keep praying that their hearts will be drawn to honoring and trusting their parents. I know you want only the best for each of them.
      Thank you for sharing your story with me.

  2. Deborah, its great to “meet” you! Love your website and the topics you discuss. I also visited over at Grace Garden and Homestead. That’s a nice site as well. Blessings to you 🙂

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