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Growing In His Grace was born out of my desire to reach out to other sisters in Christ when you all seem so far away.  I grow everyday in His grace and wisdom–and I just can’t keep it to myself —God is so good!

That’s where you come in Friends.  My hope is that we will connect through Jesus and talk scripture and grow in our walks.  I’m not ashamed to say I’ve messed up–big time.  And I keep messing up.  I am a sinner.  A big one.  But the good news is that the bigger the sin, the bigger His grace.

He’s forgiven me for all I’ve done or thought about doing.  He’s forgiven me for all I’m ever going to do or think about doing.

As I grow, this site will evolve–hopefully into some beautiful friendships–where we learn none of us are perfect and drop those expectations and live our lives as real women who all need God.

We’ll spend time here talking about:

  • Marital issues, dating, courtship, and singleness
  • Children and motherhood
  • Homeschool
  • God’s Word

So sit back and enjoy growing with me.  Look around the site, leave me notes and ask questions.  I hope you will connect with me on your social media of choice.

Where do I suggest you start?  Here are the two most popular series on this site:

If you’d like to join us for an on-going reference for singles and married women, feel free to join us in our one year devotion to pray for our husbands.

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