How You Can Help Release A Prisoner This Passover

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More people attend church on Easter every year than any other day of the year.

Friends, there is no doubt about it—if there is one day every year where more people will voluntarily subject themselves to hearing the message of eternal salvation, it will be on Easter.

Do you take advantage of this help?

Of all of the days of the year that you are asking your fellow human beings to come to church—offering to drive them to the service—calling them in the morning to make sure they wake up on time—even if you don’t celebrate Easter—are you asking them on this day?

We get a lot of questions about “holidays” in our home.  I understand those who do not celebrate Easter, and in my understanding, I still believe we should be taking advantage of this day.

If you do celebrate Easter?  Then you should have no excuse for not inviting people on a day when they are more likely than any of the other 364 days of the year to come hear about a heartbreaking love story written just for them.


Matthew gives us some insight on the Passover celebration in Jesus’ day:

Now it was the governor’s custom each year during the Passover celebration to release one prisoner to the crowd—anyone they wanted.                                                                                                                   Matthew 27:15


Do you know a prisoner you’d like to help free this Passover weekend?

I think we can all say we know quite a few.  Unfortunately, we cannot choose whether our loved one, neighbor or friend can be freed from the prison of Hell.

But we can choose to invite them to church—and if they accept the offer to come, then even though they have a horrible death sentence awaiting them, they will have the very key to the prison offered to them.  At this point it will be of their own choosing.

Perhaps they won’t give their life to Jesus.  But at least a seed could be planted.  Could you help to plant a seed?

We live in a lost and broken world Friends. All too soon the death sentence of Hell comes for so many. If you are moved by this fact as much as I am, please, read here how you can help release even one prisoner this year.

Easter Sunday is not the only day we should invite our fellow man to church—but is the day that even those whom you believe would never in a lifetime accept the invitation, are most likely to say yes.

Do you make it a habit to invite others to an Easter service?


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