10 resources for your single season... Singles, dating, betrothed, widowed.

Resources For Single Women

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I have had the beautiful blessing of traveling all over the world and living in multiple countries. In some areas, women are expected to wait for marriage.  Wait until you have a degree.  Then, get a good career going.  Then wait a little bit longer.  Play hard-to-get.  Test men.  Are they willing to give up their job and follow your career around?  If they are, wait a bit longer.  You wouldn’t want to get married until you are at least 30–if you do, chances are you might have children, and that would certainly mess up all that education… On the other hand, when I was just 20, I moved to an area where women were either married or at least engaged by the time they graduated from school. Word soon got out that I was single, and I had 6 different young men ask for my hand in marriage.  I even got the “if you don’t say yes to one of them soon, you’re going to be an old maid” speech. Unfortunately, I also know firsthand the pain of loosing a husband–and winding up single all over again.

When a plane crashes in the mountains of Guatemala, a lone young woman gets up and walks out, with the tragic duty to find her way out, get back home, and try to put her life together. If she spoke to you years later, would you be interested to hear what she had to say? A true story.

Life Is Beautiful

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I remember sleeping hard that night and waking up sluggish in the morning. You see we were on a missions trip in Peru.  It was the first day of the mission that summer.  Prior to this, I had spent over 24 hours in layovers and flights getting from the states to Lima, the capitol.  From Lima, you could take small rickety planes closer to your destination.  We named them “Gilligan’s Island planes” because of their small size and imagined frailty. The 36 of us were exhausted.  We had flown on our Gilligan’s Island plane to Cuscus and found hostel rooms for the night.  In the morning, we were in a rush to get all of us off to nearby villages where we would spend a day at a time providing much needed medical attention to a beautiful people who would probably never see any other health care in their lives. Those who were new with us that year were making jokes about the scary little plane we flew in on.  Luckily, most of our travels would be by horse, foot, or bus for awhile.  We ate breakfast together in the lobby and I remember one of the newest doctors to join our group say, […]

A woman told me her moving story about how she came to have a saving relationship with her Savior. And then she told me about another resource that enriched this relationship. I have come to love this magnificent resource and I want to give one away to you for free. Enter to win your own copy.

Sparkling Gems From The Greek

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I awoke refreshed that morning.  Even though I stayed up listening to inspiring stories from well seasoned women until my eyes couldn’t stay awake any longer the night before, I still felt charged that morning. We had all come to this beautiful retreat center to refresh our hearts and just take time to connect with each other and our Savior.  It was a beautiful weekend away from the mundane life. We had been allowed to stay in the most beautiful of off-grid cabins.  The main building was where our host lived.  She had converted half of it into a coffee shop and bookstore for Christian gifts and inspiration.  All this was to support the ministry–the real reason for the cabins–this was a hidden refuge for women escaping polygamy. Due to the hush-hush, not many knew about it.  And when people don’t know about your cause, they can’t donate.  The elderly couple who dreamed of helping the women were working on making it a reality, and were trying to do it without much funding.  As former missionaries and then he a pastor, they had very little money at any given time. Whenever we could, the group of us used this place as a retreat […]

10 biblical parenting resources for the mom who wants a heart for her children like God's heart for our children. List is for mom of babes all the way through teenagers. Discipline, obedience, and working on our own hearts.

10 Biblical Parenting Books

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Winter is coming, and soon we’ll all be wanting to snuggle up with our favorite blanket, possibly even by the fire.  In fact, winter is pretty much the only time I get to read any books (aside from my bible and some Word studies). No doubt, if you’re an avid reader, then you already have a list of books waiting to entertain you.  But just in case you don’t, here are 10 biblical parenting books sure to inspire you, work on your heart, and encourage you to love your children a little bit more.  Most are popular enough to be available at most any library.

You Can Dance Again...Some encouragement for those who feel as though life has let them down and they will never be able to feel joy again.

You Can Dance Again

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At some point we are all hit with the sobering and oftentimes crippling reality. Yes, Adam bit from the forbidden fruit. And now we have pain. And now we have death. And now we have suffering. None of us are immune to tragedies.  None of us are guaranteed that one of our loved ones won’t be ripped away from us–perhaps slowly–perhaps in an instant. But Jesus is good! Even when the world falls apart and we don’t know how we will get out of bed in the morning, much less face the next 24 hours, we know deep down that Jesus is good. But the reality?  Many of us can’t feel that.  We are in a place where we can’t hear the sweet sweet song of His sacrifice, the ballad of His perfect and limitless love. We don’t hear the melody, and we can’t sway to the rhythm.  Our dance has gone.  And we can’t imagine ever getting it back. As much as our pride doesn’t want to admit it, many of us no longer feel His goodness.  When it was someone else’s child, someone else’s friend, someone else’s husband, Jesus was still good through the heart break.  But now? How?

Tablet Giveaway. Runs through end of July. Good luck!

Tablet Giveaway

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Friends, I’ve been thinking… It’s been a long time since I’ve done a giveaway. Forgive me. But, as you know, I like to participate in quality giveaways.  I want to know you’re going to really enjoy what you get should you win.  And I want it to be worth your time. And… I have been aloof lately.  The Farm is busy, but I still want to show you some love. So how do I fix this?  I know… I’ll track down a fabulous giveaway. Poof! Who wants a tablet?

Huge Sale On Biblical Resources

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Friends, it’s been a long time since I’ve let you know about Kindle sales and freebies, but there are so many great ones going on right now, I had to tell you.   Desperate Women of the Bible: Lessons on Passion from the Gospels  by Jo Kadlecek.  The stories of eight nameless women who were driven by passion and desperation to find out who Jesus really was.  On sale right now by Kindle for $0.99 (Regularly $15.00). * Modern Parents, Vintage Values by Sissy Goff.  Here is a description from the book, ““What do I do when my son learns phrases in school that he is not allowed to say at home?” “How do I teach my daughter about gratitude when she feels entitled to have a cell phone and a laptop computer like all the kids around her already have?” More than ever before, moms and dads live in a culture that is against their parenting efforts…”   On sale right now on Kindle for $0.99 (Regularly $14.99). *

Hungry For God...Starving For Time has just been released and is on sale right now! Come read my review here.

Hungry For God…Starving For Time (And Giveaway)

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I’m sure I don’t need to introduce you all to Lori Hatcher.  If you’ve been around the internet for long, you’ve probably seen her blog Hungry For God…Starving For Time.  You’ve probably even been to it and read it. If you follow my Shepherding Hurting Women board, then you know she’s one of my contributors to this board.  And if you’ve been reading very long, you know I hand pick and personally invite contributors–and it’s quite hard to make the cut. The point?  She’s all over the place–and definitely someone worth listening too! So when I got an email from her last month asking if I would be willing to read her newest publishing in exchange for an honest review, I had to say yes!  And I’m so glad I did! *I received a free copy of Hungry For God…Starving For Time in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.  I was not paid for my review.*

Mission Agape

Mission Agape

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Have you guys heard of F. Dean Hackett, Ph.D.?  I was “introduced” to this gentleman a few months ago about the time that I was praying over my winter’s reading list.  I came across Mission Agape, read the description, and decided it was a good book to put on my prayer list. I later came across an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.