When a couple faces the unthinkable challenge of getting through the death of a child, how can they look to the Lord together and stay strong?

Keeping A Marriage Strong After The Death Of A Child

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If it’s happened to you, I pray you are leaning on the Lord and that He is healing you even at this very moment.  And if it hasn’t happened to you, then I pray you will never know the pain, the struggle, and the sometimes hopelessness that goes along with losing a child. Such overwhelming grief and sorrow in a parent’s life will cause a disruption of “normal” life.  The disruption can lead to dropping out of school, a change in job status, a change in social (and church) involvement, and a change in the role (and relationships) at home. A woman who grieves leans on her husband to help her through.  A man who grieves has a wife to confide in.  But what happens when both grieve—often differently—for the same loss, at the same time?  I don’t think anyone in their right mind would say this is an easy process. The loss of a child tears through the heart of a family.  And the truth is, many relationships do not endure the pain, guilt, and anger that are left.

Praying over your husband: pride and humility are the focus this month. Single, engaged, or married, we're lifting our men up and asking the Lord to develop their character and arm them for battle.

Praying For Your Husband: Pride And Humility

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This month as we pray over our husbands, we’re focusing on pride and humility. These two characteristics couldn’t be more opposite from each other. One characteristic is the “worst of all sins” which eventually lead to Satan’s fall. The other is one of the descriptor words most used of Jesus Himself while He tabernacled here on earth among us. With such strong denotations, it would be wise for us to concentrate on both for our husband’s.  This month, let’s lift up our men (whether single or still waiting) to the Lord in these areas.  Whether you’re single, engaged, or married, join us this month and every other to cover our men in prayer.

How do we handle our concerns over our mother-in-laws? Open our bibles to the book of Mark and see what Simon did--and Jesus' compassionate answer. Do we forget to do this first?

Praying For Your Mother-In-Law

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Even if your mother in law isn’t the highest woman on your list, you probably owe her tremendously.  Why? Because if you have a mother-in-law, then you’re either a man who married her daughter, or a daughter who married her son.  She gave birth to the love of your life. If you have children, then at some point, you realize these sweet little blessings wouldn’t have come into the world without her.  That makes her pretty darn important, yes? How do you show her love?  How do you treat her like a priority?  How do you handle conflict or concerns? I love this example God gives us in Mark about Simon making his mother-in-law a top priority–and the compassionate response Jesus has over the situation.

Praying for your husband. Single, engaged or married, this month is all about praying over his integrity, the temptations he faces, and the company he chooses to keep.

Praying For Your Husband’s Integrity

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Single, engaged, or married, a man needs the prayers of his wife (or future wife). This is where we come in Friends. Ideally, we begin praying for and impacting his life before we even know who he will be.  We continue to pray for him through betrothal.  And once we are married, though we begin to pray for our marriages, we must not loose sight of continuing to pray selflessly just for him. We are through eight months of prayer for him, and into the ninth month.  This month we combine praying for his integrity, his temptations, and his circle of friends.

"Intimacy" need not be a dirty word for a woman inside a marriage. See it for the blessing God created it to be.

Embracing Intimacy In Marriage

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Let’s talk about intimacy today.  Intimacy between a married couple.  A beautiful thing. Our Creator made Adam and Eve in His own image, and made them perfectly suitable for each other.  He placed them naked in a beautiful garden we can only try to imagine the depths of.  And He told them to be fruitful. He was the author of intimacy, and encouraged it.  Before God ever said don’t do it, He actually gave the opposite command. Repeatedly in His Word, He tells us how important it is for married couples. Yet, somehow, in a large proportion of married couples, husbands see it as “a treat” so to speak, and wives tend to see it as “a duty.”  But this isn’t what He authored…

Each and every one of us that is married represents something Satan doesn't have nor will ever posses. Our marriage to our husbands is a symbol of the church body's marriage to Christ. Satan is not a part of a Christian marriage, nor is he invited to the marriage supper. And he knows it.

The Enemy Wants Your Marriage To Fail

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Each and every one of us that is married represents something Satan doesn’t have nor will ever posses.  Our marriage to our husbands is a symbol of the church body’s marriage to Christ.  Satan is not a part of a Christian marriage, nor is he invited to the marriage supper.  And he knows it. He has been left out, and is jealous of what he will never have.  And he’s out to destroy it.  This puts us all under attack–even if we aren’t married yet. Friends, have you felt the attack before?

Praying for your husband's worship of the King. Part of a year of prayers for your husband. Single, engaged, or married, join us. Includes specific scriptures to pray over your husband.

Praying For Your Husband–His Worship Life

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July brings a new month of continued heat for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and a continued winter in the southern hemisphere. For regular readers, it also means a shift in our prayers for our husbands (or future husbands).  This month we are back to praying for his relationship with his Creator.  It’s all about worship. For those of you who are new, we are intentionally praying over 12 main areas of our husbands this year, alternating his personal needs with his relationship with Christ.  We are not praying specifically for our marriages right now, but rather just for him.  We know that if we have strong husbands they will be strong leaders of our families.  And it is completely worth it to spend a little part of each day setting ourselves aside and praying just for him.  To see how we are doing this, you may want to start at the beginning.  And when you are ready, you can start at the beginning or jump right in with us.  We have quite the community of prayer warrior wives (and not-quite-yet wives) following along. (Subscribers, I am sending out bookmarks again for your daily bible reading this week, make […]

Intimacy is an important, yet often overlooked protection fora godly marriage.

Protecting Your Marriage With Intimacy

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Welcome back to our Becoming A Power Couple:  the mini series for protecting our marriages. So far in our series, we’ve addressed protecting our marriages by keeping God first,  carefully choosing our words, and praying for each other.  Today we’ll discuss how intimacy protects our marriage.   Some people may look at intimacy within a marriage as a wonderful treat, and perhaps some others look at it as a duty.  But how many of us look at it as protection?  I hope we all can.

Part of the Protecting Our Marriage series on Growing In His Grace. Power couples pray for each other. A look at how this provides protection over Christian marriages.

Protect Your Marriage: Pray For Each Other

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Do you see them?  Those Titus 2 couples in our churches that have it all put together?  The ones that never speak ill of each other?  That are always loving and endearing toward one another?  Yes, them–the power couples.  You know who they are. They are an inspiration to all of us.  And they have things to teach us. About being perfect.  About getting through good times and bad times.  About putting the other first, even when you’re tired, hurt, angry or depressed.  About how to encourage other couples who are under attack from Satan. There is no doubt that every Christian marriage is under attack.  No one has it easy from day one.  All those Titus 2 couples in church that we look at and think are flawless–are not.  And they will be the first to tell you this.  And if you’re lucky, there are other things they will tell you.  Because they’ve got things in common.