Single, engaged, or married: praying over his physical needs. Are there more than meet the eye? Let's proclaim God's Word over our husbands.

Praying For Your Husband–His Physical Needs

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This month marks the half-way mark of our journey in praying for our husbands. If you have been with us and are married, I have no doubt you and those around your husband have noticed blessings.  And if you are single, then I know someone else has seen a change in your future husband. This series is aimed at all ladies–teens, singles, those betrothed, and married.  If you are just joining us, welcome.  You can start here, or you are welcome to start at the beginning.  The goal is to cover our husbands selflessly with an intentional prayer purpose for a month at a time. Go ahead and go through and tag each month you have missed.  And please share–because we are all serving the same Kingdom and we all need strong husbands.  We have covered: Praying for his heart for Jesus Praying for discernment and leadership Praying that he would be in the Word daily Praying for his career and work ethic Praying over his prayer life This month, we will be intentionally praying over his physical needs.  And as always, this particular journey is all about him–not our marriage (although I have mentioned many times how important this is […]

When we have been deeply wounded, how do we heal? Let's look at how Anna healed from her deep wound.

Healing Through Worship

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Imagine having the life you’ve always wanted, and then shortly after living this life, it is all taken away.  For some of you, you don’t have to imagine very hard. Grief, pain, confusion.  Perhaps anger and resentment. Everything here, and then everything gone.  What do we do with this emptiness? When our days, and perhaps our houses are empty–what next?

Our husbands need our prayers. Oddly enough they need us to pray for their prayer lives. An approach to helping him out with his relationship with God. Specific scripture to pray over him.

Praying For Your Husband’s Prayer Life

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Welcome to the fifth post of our twelve month series Praying For Your Husband.  If you are new to us, I want to welcome you.  This series is for teenagers, singles, and married women.  No matter where you are in life, it is never too early or too late to begin praying for your husband. We are taking an entire year to set ourselves aside and pray selflessly just for him.  Although praying for a husband, and praying for your marriage are very noble, (and I hope you do while you are in these seasons of life), this series is all about him. So far, we have covered praying for your husband’s heart for Jesus, praying for his discernment and leadership, praying that he would be reading his bible, praying for his career, and praying over his prayer life.  If you are joining us, feel free to jump right in here, or start from the beginning if you wish. This month, we are focusing on his prayer life.

Should single Christian women live alone? Some pro's and con's on each scenario and how each could impact your marriage down the road.

Should Singles Live Alone?

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Okay, so you’re single.  It’s a huge club.  I was once a member (for a long time, actually).  I get it. Some of you know that you want to live at home until God gives you “the one.” Some of you aren’t interested in finding “the one” (that would have been me for a long time).  And some of you have noticed that, well, you aren’t exactly spring chickens anymore… Can one really live with their parents until they are 50? There are some definite benefits to each scenario.  Let’s chat, and figure out which one is right for each lady.

Is it so important that our husbands read their bibles regularly. But how often? The Bible itself tells us. Once we know this, how can we pray this over our husbands to build them up? Grab your bible and let's talk.

Praying That Your Husband Would Be In The Word

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As we move through this year intentionally praying  for our husbands with specific goals in mind, I for one can see progress in and blessings on my husband. If you have been joining us here, then I have no doubt you have seen the blessings on your husband. Not married?  I believe someone else is seeing the blessings in your future husband.  Perhaps someone is thinking about your husband right now thinking, “Something has changed.  I can’t quite put my finger on it…” And if you are going through a divorce or rough patch in your marriage, I want to encourage you to stay strong and keep praying for him.  While it may not save your marriage, I am certain your prayers will bless you both. And of course if you are new this month, be sure to catch up, but jump in here with us right where we are at. Where are we?

If a parent is not open to assisting with a courtship, is it still possible? What are other ways to guard your heart?

Can You Court Without Your Parent’s Involvement?

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Occasionally, I like to deviate from the norm to answer reader questions–because after all, this is about all of us growing in our walks.  We’ll do that today. This is the second part answer to a reader question I have received from a few young ladies.  Last week we addressed the question, “What’s the best way for me to tell my parents I want to court instead of date?”  This week we address the next question, which is, “Is courtship possible without parental involvement?” The first thing we need to do is define what courtship is. Here are a list of definitions of courtship from a few different well-known teachers:

Talking about courtship.

Talking To Parents About Courtship

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Generally speaking, it is the parent who initiates conversation about dating and/or courting with their child.  As parents, we have an idea of how we want our child to proceed (or not proceed) with romantic relationships. Occasionally, however, parents either don’t care, or just trust their child implicitly with such decisions and therefore don’t talk about it. My parents had one rule:  I wasn’t allowed to date until after I moved out.  That was it.  There was no further discussion on the matter while I lived at home. Once I moved out, however, I went back to my father and let him know that I was only interested in a courtship.  I was not interested in dating.  I asked if he would be willing to assist me with this, and he said yes. Recently, I had a reader ask me how I thought it was best to broach the subject with her parents.  She then asked if courtship is possible without parental involvement.

Our husbands choices affect his entire family. How does God wish for a man to handle choices? How should we pray for our husbands? Join us. We're praying scripture over our husbands--single, married and anywhere in between.

Praying For Your Husband: Discernment And Leadership

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Oh friends it’s been a wonderful month praying for my husband’s heart.  How did it go for you all?  Are you ready for this month’s prayers?  I know I am. This is a hefty month.  We are praying for discernment for our husbands.  Praying that he would make Godly choices.  And we are praying for his leadership. If you have missed the introduction to this series, you may want to read it here before continuing.  And if you are new to us, you could absolutely jump in with us, but make sure when you are done, to read about praying for our husband’s heart and the most important relationship he will ever have. You should be getting used to praying for your husband (if only for a minute) every day now.  Hopefully by the end of this month, that will be a permanent part of your day if it isn’t already. Let’s get started.

What if being single wan't looked at like a punishment or abandonment? What if it's really a gift. Here's help seeing the gift.

When Singleness Is A Gift

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It’s painful.  Lonely.  Confusing. Being single. It’s inconvenient earlier in life.  But at some point as all our friends become engaged, married, pregnant and then become parents, it’s no longer just inconvenient.  Now it’s…well…unfair. How do all these women get their happily-ever-after while some stay single?