Cloth Training Pants

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Well, it’s past time for me to be training one of the wee ones in the art of using the potty.  He does pretty well by himself already and has for awhile, so it’s really just training me and getting him into the habit of using the potty all the time.

I don’t want to buy training pants because I think he’s nearly there anyway, but I definitely want him to know that diapers aren’t an option anymore.  What’s a mom to do?   I got a set of 2T Geranimal training pants, and a set of 3T Gerber training pants because you never know what size they’ll wear.  Well, honestly, I don’t think either would hold much or save pants from getting wet.  I have plenty of PUL from diaper making, so I decided to give it a try.

First thing I did was to make a pattern.  I really should get some pattern paper, but I’ve been using newspaper for big pieces and wax paper for smaller ones for years.  I used wax paper to make these.   It’s easy to do.  Wrap it around the crotch of your trainer and trace the reinforced part.  All trainers will be different according to brand, so I didn’t attach a pdf pattern for you since I think you’ll get a better fit by tracing your own.

After I made my pattern, I cut one piece of PUL for each trainer I had.

I wanted to get Zorb for the inside, but it’s pretty pricey.  So I wound up getting fleece from Walmart.  I got one yard for $3.49 and used a little over 1/2 the yard to make four 2T and three 3T trainers.

Making cloth training pants.  Not too bad, eh?

I cut 3 layers of fleece with the same pattern for each trainer.  I think one trainer got 4 layers.

Making cloth training pants.  Not too bad, eh?

Once I had all my pieces cut out, I went to work.  I pinned all the fleece into all the trainers of both sizes so I would have to change my thread less.

Making cloth training pants.  Not too bad, eh?

Then I used a zig-zag stitch to sew in the inside twice.  Just because.  Depending on your machine, maybe once would be enough.

Making cloth training pants.  Not too bad, eh?

Because fleece is kinda fluffy anyway, you can’t really see the seam.  So even if you’re a novice, it’s going to look good.  Too bad it’s on the inside, eh?

Making cloth training pants.  Not too bad, eh?

Next, carefully pin the laminate pieces to the outside.  If you’re one of those blessed people who have sewing clips, use those so you don’t have to poke holes.  (And please tell me if you like them–they are totally on my wish list!)  I did the ones I could with white thread first to avoid changing my thread (that’s why you see the sizes are mixed together).  Then I did the aqua colored ones.  I wanted to have the 2T and 3T sizes all done before potty training because I could be wrong about the amount of time it takes to get the job done.  You never know.

Price breakdown (I know you’re curious):

Both sizes of trainers: $13.00

Fleece:  $2.00 (For a little over 1/2 yard)

PUL:  $3.00 (It was totally on sale)

Made 7 trainers for about $18.00.  That makes them about $2.60 each.  And I won’t ever have to buy pull-ups.  Ah…. That’s a good feeling.

NOTE:  If you’ve never worked on PUL before, then I have a couple of tips for you to keep in mind.  PUL stands for polyurethane laminate.  It is supposed to be waterproof which is why it is so ideal for diapers and trainers.  If you poke hole in it, it isn’t waterproof there anymore.  So you’ll want to pin around the edges as much as possible.  If you are really wanting it to be waterproof at the edges too, then use polyurethane thread.  I just used what I had because my little guy isn’t far from being trained.  You’ll also want to wash it before ever using it a couple times to get a good seal where it’s sewn at.

If you’re confused about how to make the pattern, I found this tutorial here.  She does an awesome job.  If this looks like something you want, but don’t want to make it, then I would suggest either showing this post to a mother, grandmother or friend who may could make them for you, or go to the above tutorial because I read she sells them too. 

Happy training mommies and daddies!


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  1. Hi, I came across your post through Pinterest. I’m just curious what type of fleece you used on the inside? When I think of fleece I usually think poly which is what is confusing me because poly fleece doesn’t absorb much and would feel more stay dry than I would want for trainers. Did you use cotton fleece?

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