Cold Oats

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Cold Oats are a treat for my family’s breakfast when we have fruits at our disposal.  Anytime I make a new batch of yogurt in my crock pot, the kids are yelling for Cold Oats as soon as they see the crock pot.  It’s quite cute, actually.  It’s a frugal and healthy breakfast anytime you can get your kids to eat more oats–if you’ve never tried it, you should give it a shot.

You will need:

    • A jar (I use a glass 2 quart canning jar)
    • Rolled oats
    • Plain or vanilla yogurt (regular or Greek)
    • Fruit (I’ve used all kinds of berries mostly, also pears or apples & cinnamon–I used peach in this case)
    • Milk

Making cold oats.  My kids LOVE this breakfast and ask for it all the time. Can use many different fruit combinations.

Start by filling your jar with oats.  I fill it about halfway, because we like a lot of oats.  If you’re not sure if you’ll like it, then just start with 1/3 of a jar full.

Making cold oats.  My kids LOVE this breakfast and ask for it all the time. Can use many different fruit combinations.

Next, pour milk in enough to just cover the oats.  Shake the mixture.  You’re going to make sure you shake it every time you add an ingredient, otherwise it will be so thick, you won’t be able to shake it–especially if you use Greek yogurt.

Next, pour yogurt in half of the remaining space in the jar.  Shake again.


Lastly, place your fruit or berries in the remaining space.  Shake again one last time.

This is best if you make it the night before you are going to serve it.  All you have to do is pour it in the bowl and watch them devour it and ask for seconds.

I make this in an old large canning jar (you can see the air bubbles in the glass if you look closely) and it feeds the entire family breakfast.  You could make this in a pint jar if you are only feeding one person, or a quart jar for just a couple of people.

Recipe for Cold Oats.  Using oats to make a frugal, healthy alternative to oatmeal for breakfast.  Best part is it's made the day/night before so there's no prep work in the morning.

Enjoy!  Tell me how you like it and I want to know what kinds of fruits are working well or not well for you.


2 thoughts on “Cold Oats

  1. Hi Deborah, firstly thank you for visiting and commenting over at my blog, because now, I have found you and your blog 🙂 I look forward to visiting here more often. Secondly, cold oats? Never would have thought of it but sounds like a great breakfast on a warm day!
    God bless

    1. You should definitely try them if you’re looking for something new, or a quick breakfast to grab and go in the mornings. I have your button on my sidebar so you’re easy for me to find now too 🙂 .

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