Welcome Friends!  I’m so glad to meet you.  Is there something you need?  Or just want to know?  Have a particular topic you want to see covered?  There are many ways to connect with me:

  • Facebook:  here your questions or comments are public (although I do allow for private messaging between you and myself no one else would see).  This is the best way for me to chat with all you.  It’s where we can keep it more personal and friendly.  Tell me what you’re up to and how I can pray for you–and I can do the same.  Facebook is also where I share encouragement memes as well.
  • Pinterest:  want to see what I’m looking at?  What’s in my garden?  It’s all right here–and then some.  This is the best place if you want additional resources.
  • Twitter:  Don’t want to log onto a computer all the time but still want updates?  Need encouragement?  This is kinda like how I text message my friends.
  • Google Plus:  Just want to see what I’m posting when I post it?  And occasionally I shoot another article that’s relevant to my heart, but likely you won’t see published here.
  • Subscribe to get all the “meat and potato” posts delivered to your inbox.  I do not send out all posts in the emails because I don’t want your inbox to be overloaded.  Subscribe in the box on the upper-right of this page, for the “big content” posts.

If none of these look good to you, then fear not, you can leave a comment right here.  None of the comments left here will be published ever, and no one will be able to see your email.

Also, this is my preference for other authors or sales representatives who wish to get ahold of me.

I love hearing from you!Please enter your return email address and a short message below. I try to read emails at least once a week.Blessings,The Farmer's Wife



2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have fixed the bugs! You should be able to just put your name and email in the Subscribe button at the top right of this page. You will then be sent a confirmation email. Once you approve it, you’re done!
    Not all posts are sent through the email as I don’t want your inboxes to be totally full. I’ve sent the most popular categories, such as all the gardening, harvest, and Christian living posts.
    The Sunday Worship, homeschooling, In With The New, Out With The Old, and Frugal/Coupons will not be sent to your emails.
    Any other suggestions? Let me know!

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