12 thoughts on “Dehydrating Onions

  1. I never used to cook with them before. I started growing them in my garden because of the great benefit they have. Once I started cooking with onion soup mix, I knew I could never go back. That’s what I use it most for now.

  2. Glad to see someone who has had success with dehydrating onions. I tried to do them for the first time this year will way less than stellar results. For one, don’t try to do them as slices – 24 hours later they still won’t be dry and will be turning a great shade of medium tan. 🙁 I wasn’t sure how to modify it to hold diced onions, so than you for the idea. When I try it again I am also going to make sure not to overfill the trays.

    Thanks for the photos, time it took you and the step by step instructions.

    1. You are most welcome! My little dehydrator has only 4 levels, so I’m doing 4 a night. With 400 onions in my garden… Well, you get the idea. It’s worked every time.
      This is the same way I modify the dehydrator to dry fruit leathers too. Good luck!

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  4. Can I dehydrate using my oven on the lowest setting? I would like to try but I don’t have a dehydrator, don’t think I would use that much so I don’t want to buy one

  5. I have been dehydrating onions for about 5 years and usually do about 50 pounds a year for my own use….it is like candy when they are done….I did learn that red onions aren’t the best type to dry….WallaWalla Sweets are the best and since they are grown in Idaho I get them very fresh….I use them year around in soups/stews/egg dishes etc and love love love them….I wore out several “plastic” type dehydrators so I finally got an industrial one with wire shelves and programmable temps/timers….best investment ever

    1. Well I like the Walla Walla sweets here in Washington. My brother who lives in Walla Walla gave me one once and that turned me but now they have the candy sweets and that’s all I want now.

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