Green Smoothies For Absolute Beginners

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We’ve all heard about them–green smoothies.  Do you drink them?  As soon as I heard about them I was intrigued, I must say.  But I didn’t have the slightest clue how to make them–or make them well enough that someone would actually want to drink one.  So I got my intrigued little self on the world wide web and started searching for recipes.

I was overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time.  Overwhelmed that even as a farmer and avid gardener and health food junkie, I hadn’t heard of some of the stuff people were putting in them.  As a nurse, I generally advise people that if you can’t say it, you should probably think twice about eating it.  Once I got past that and found some recipes that had ingredients that looked like real food, I realized there was another problem:  none of the ingredients had serving sizes.  If a recipe calls for spinach and an orange,  it’s going to taste much different with a head of spinach and slice of orange, than a couple leaves of spinach and three oranges.  So–where is the balance?


How to make green smoothies for absolute beginners.After surprisingly little experimentation,  we came up with a general recipe:

  • 1 cup of base liquid (ANY juice, coconut milk, rice milk, that pineapple juice left in the bottom of the can after you eat the pineapple–in this particular picture we used Rice milk.)
  • 1 handful of your greens.  I mean the biggest handful you can grab (We use kale or spinach because we can grow enough in the garden for a full year and they freeze well)
  • Fill your blender/VitaMix up to the top with your fruits (It hasn’t mattered what fruits we have used.  They have all been wonderful. We have used oranges, berries, peaches.)

We use our VitaMix ,  and let it go for awhile.  The trick is to let it go until you can’t see any green flakes.  (Who wants flakes of spinach in their drink, really?)

I have to admit,  we drank every green smoothie we made–they have all been wonderful.  This serves 2 big people and 5 small people.  Your kids WILL love them unless they are afraid to try them.  All my kids ask me all the time for them.

How to make green smoothies for absolute beginners.

And if you’re wondering where all the other vegetables are, just relax–remember this is a post for “absolute beginners.”  If you are interested, I’ll take you farther in a later post.  🙂

How to make green smoothies for absolute beginners.

*Warning:  while green smoothies make excellent meal replacements for adults,  they are not suggested for meals if you are pregnant, lactating, or a child.   This later category should drink these with meals, not as meals.

Tell me your favorite recipe.


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