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Do you have any goals or resolutions for your homeschool year?  I do.

While many homeschooling mothers look at me like I’m crazy to want to change things in the “middle” of the homeschool year, I find it a time that I can use to inspire us to be better.

Why wait until summer to dream of and implement ways to improve our learning?  Why not start now?

Here are some things I think are totally achievable to look at in January.

 1.  Pick next year’s curriculum

Yes, that’s correct.  I have not picked out next year’s curriculum for my oldest child yet.  I have ideas, but I haven’t committed yet.  Math has always been a forte of mine and I’ve had fun developing my kindergartner’s math work and journal this year.  I just may put together curriculum for math for the older children from now on–we’ll see.

The curriculum we already use is just fine to continue to use with the younger children next year, so that won’t need replaced.

The summer and fall when we are super busy on the farm and homestead just aren’t good times for me to be fidgeting with making that kind of a decision and trying to purchase it all.  I want it done ahead of time.


2.  Pray more in our school day

We do really good on this when I’m fixed on it, but it wears away a bit as I start focusing on other issues, a special project or upcoming changes.  It’s time to re-dedicate ourselves to this.


3.  Figure out options for next year’s schedule

Yes, I’ll admit it–I am exactly the opposite of a procrastinator.

I will have two preschoolers next year and I know the schedule will have to change.  We will probably breed a couple hundred meat birds in the spring that the kids will be helping more and more with and they will need special attention for about three months.  I’d like to have a couple of schedules figured out ahead of time to pray on so I can make an easier decision (and thus transaction) when all of this comes about.

Homeschool Resolutions sound crazy in the middle of the homeschool "year"? Maybe. But it's a perfect time to tackle those goals you want done now instead of being drawn out until the last minute. It's the perfect time to reassess and set some achievable goals.

That’s it.  Short and simple.  A short list is do-able.

What do you think?  Do you have new (mid-school) year resolutions?


3 thoughts on “Homeschool Resolutions

  1. I love planning this time of year, and picking out curricula and planning out schedules sound like good goals to me. 🙂 I definitely want to include more prayer as well. Keeping our homeschool focused on God will make for a better year altogether.

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