Keeping Faith Strong And Growing This Year

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I’m not necessarily one for New Year’s Resolutions.  But I do believe that anytime we have something we want to work on, it’s appropriate to make a plan. Once the plan’s complete, we need to set a date.

I’ve been thinking for quite sometime now about the direction of our country, this world, my own place in this universe—and my family.

This country is broken.

This world is broken.

And I am willing to be broken as well.

Like a horse that is broken and obedient, I want to live a life of obedience.  Not because it will earn me a single thing, but because I love my Lord.  And loving Him brings such a desire to live for Him—His way.

I want to keep my faith strong and also increase it.


I believe that the Lord is calling all of us who love Him into deeper relationship with Him.  Things are changing, and changing fast.  He doesn’t desire lukewarm Christians.  He wants all of us.  And I want to give all of me to Him.

As a wife, mother, teacher, and provider, I have duties that call me away from the privilege of being able to spend days on end in the bible and in prayer that I had years ago.  I must balance my time.

And I must return to Him over and over and over again despite so many things in my life that call for my attention.

I know I am not alone.  Women are always telling me they feel they spend too much time doing one thing or another that keeps them from just sitting at Jesus’ feet as much as they would like.


One of my dear friends is deleting her Facebook page on January 1 in order to spend more time with Jesus.  All of the small things add up.

Are you feeling the pull on your heart to come closer?  I am.

God is so good! But sometimes it's hard to focus on that. There are so many distractions in this world it can make it hard to focus. See what I'm doing this year to intentionally focus of keeping the faith and growing it stronger.

For 2016 I plan to continue to be in the Word each and every day.  I will continue to do Word studies and dig deep into well-written commentaries.  I will continue to seek Him in prayer regularly and often.

Our family will continue to do our daily bible studies together.  We will continue our praise time and learning to communicate with prayer and quiet listening.

As much as I love sweet fellowship, I am in a quite isolated area, and the people who are around are not Christians, and are not interested.  So I continue to travel to meet with other sisters in Christ, and continue to reach out by internet.

But one thing I’m changing is that I am partnering with Faithbox.  I have committed to one year of receiving Faithboxes, and I’ll be sharing them with you.

What are Faithboxes?  Faithboxes are boxes that come on a monthly schedule that are filled with Christian encouragement from Christian merchants.  I haven’t received one yet, so I can’t tell you the specifics.

I have been to their site and looked at the pictures and read some of the customer feedback.  It looks like there is usually an encouraging book, some cards, I saw chocolate in one, and the other items vary.

Christian merchants supply their encouraging products to them (I believe at a discounted rate, but I could be wrong).  They then put boxes together monthly and send them out to their members.

Faithbox has agreed to supply me with one year’s worth of boxes.  I eagerly look forward to receiving my first box and looking through all the Christian encouragement in there.

I’ll let you know each month what’s inside and how I’ve utilized the contents to grow my faith.  I’m open to creative ways to see and feel God’s beauty in all that I do and I have high hopes for my boxes this year.

And just so we’re clear–I fully intend to use the contents of my boxes not only to keep my faith strong, but also to bless others and share His good news.  Mmm… am I willing to part with my chocolate in order to gift it and share the gospel?  Or will there be stationary inside that will prompt me to write a letter of encouragement to another sister?  I don’t know yet.  But I am hoping you will join me each month as I share what’s in my box with you, and have you give me suggestions as well, of the best way to utilize it’s contents.


Have you tried Faithboxes before?  I’d love to hear what you think about them. Feel free to share with me how you enjoy yours and what you’re doing with the contents as well.

 Faithbox - Embrace Your Faith Today!

Are you curious about Faithbox or want to join me?  Click on the picture above (affiliate link) to head over and check them out for yourself.  And let me know if you’re trying them too.


26 thoughts on “Keeping Faith Strong And Growing This Year

  1. I’m so sorry you’re isolated without any Christian fellowship around you! That’s got to be so tough. I hope that Faith boxes is a blessing for you and your family.

    Have a wonderful New Year’s! Looking forward to blogging along with you in the new year!

    1. Well…we don’t all get to pick our mission field do we Friend? I have grown to absolutely love these people though, and I know that God has changed the hearts of Kings in the past so I know if He’s willing it can happen here too! Thank you for cheering me on dear Sister in Christ. Will have to email you when I get some time.

  2. I love your devotion to grow closer to the Lord. I feel the same way. I’ve always wondered about faith box and will have to check that out. Thank you!

  3. How cool!! I have never heard of faith boxes and I am excited to receive one! What a great gift idea as well!! I agree about the brokenness and starting each day in God’s Word is a step towards restoration and filling yourself up to face the world!

  4. I too have felt the pull recently to draw closer to God. I believe He has Big things in the works. Thank you for sharing your heart, and can’t wait to hear about the Faithboxes.

  5. It is certainly a blessing to have the internet to provide community of believers to give you needed encouragement when you need it. God puts us in a place and time when we can impact the world.

  6. Hi Deborah, I have not heard of faith boxes but they sound awesome.
    Amazing how much we can grow in the Lord if we pull away from these distractions.
    Thanks for sharing your humble heart, Deborah.
    By the way, Happy New Year.
    Blessings to your sweet heart.

  7. I actually won a subscription to Faithbox for a year back in October. But I haven’t received anything yet. I hope they’re still an active company. But if you just recently subscribed, I’m sure they are. I’ve been looking forward to receiving something! Hope we both hear from them soon!

    1. They have been great in their communication with me so far, although I haven’t received my box either. Perhaps you could drop them a note in the “contact” section? Or contact the program who ran the giveaway? I wouldn’t think it would take that long.

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