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Have you guys heard of F. Dean Hackett, Ph.D.?  I was “introduced” to this gentleman a few months ago about the time that I was praying over my winter’s reading list.  I came across Mission Agape, read the description, and decided it was a good book to put on my prayer list.

I later came across an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.  I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review and post.  I was not paid for my review and post, and all opinions expressed are my own.

Product Details


Mission Agape:  Unveiling the Darkness And Setting the Captives Free  is the second volume in the Freedom Series by F. Dean Hackett, Ph.D.


Mission Agape addresses the situation of spiritual darkness in our modern world.  What is it and why do we ignore it?  Are we just pawns sacrificed for a spiritual game or have we been given weapons? What is the game? And do we have a fighting chance?  If so, what are our best chances?

He address demon possession and demon influence, making connection with scripture.  He challenges us to see the darkness present in our own communities, and take our neighborhoods back–in Jesus name.


I was drawn to Mission Agape because it addresses issues that are very vividly in the bible, yet no one talks about them.  Shouldn’t everything Jesus addressed be something we have a knowledge of?  It’s kinda like those churches that never talk about the book of Revelation and wouldn’t dare use the word “rapture.”  It just creates a mystery you want to know more about, doesn’t it?

I have lived in villages in the most remote parts of other countries where the locals were doing dances and calling spirits and I just ignored these “spirits” and “gods” as not being real.  I usually slept through the rituals so I’d have energy for the next day’s ministry work.  I figured they’d realize what they were doing was pointless and eventually come to Jesus.  Some did.

I never gave it a second thought to the reality of “spirits” being able to control or influence people or situations–until I was back in the states.  I had some experiences that brought it all to a reality.  But again, it’s something people don’t talk about.  So I was interested in what Dr. Hackett had to say.


What I appreciated about Mission Agape was the frequent and thorough use of scripture.  Complete scripture–not just the mention of where the verse was found.

I appreciated that some of the same patients Dr. Hackett has worked with were very similar to patients I have worked with.

What made the read hard for me was a combination of two things.  First, it’s a hard read in places–plain and simple.  There were areas that were very easy to follow, and then it got deep–the vernacular made me slow down and re-read a few places.

The second was that each chapter begins with an excerpt from The Screwtape Letters .  It had me confused until I researched what it was.  After I understood it, I found that it added to his writing and came to appreciate it.  The Screwtape Letters is now on my reading list.


In hindsight, if this hadn’t been given to me for review, would I go back and purchase it to read this year?  I believe I would.

I’m now curious what his previous book in the series (Discovering True Identity) would add to this one.  (Both books are listed on my left side bar if you want to peruse them.)

Free Chalkboard Printable

Right now, he’s offering some very nice free printables in anticipation for the Mission Agape Book Launch December 8-12.  Head on over for your free printable and be sure to tell him congratulations and that I sent you!

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Want to win your own copy?  I can help with that!  Go here for your chance to win and good luck!

And stay tuned, because we have some more fun things headed your way as we celebrate the launch.


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  1. I’ve never heard of Dr. Hackett, but I certainly know about the powers of darkness that roam the earth. This book sounds like it would be a valuable tool in the Christian arsenal. Thanks for the review!

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