To The Mother Who Lives With Guilt

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It’s midnight.  You’re in bed.  You should be asleep, but all you can think about are the dishes in the sink.  The next morning when you get up you pull clothes from a stack of clean clothes–not the closet.  Before the kids get on the bus, you hand them lunch money because you didn’t get a lunch packed for them.

This morning, you’ll stop by the store and buy a cake for your son’s birthday party because you didn’t have time to make one for him.  And in the evening as you clean up dinner you sigh to yourself and wonder how another week went by without your getting a chance to get a single family devotional in.

And you feel guilt…

More days than not you are reminding yourself of all the things you didn’t get done for your children.  The guilt piles up.  All the other moms can keep their houses clean and make meals for their families–why can’t you?

But the truth is…

All the other moms have parts of their homemaking skills that they’d like to work on too.  And although some of them live free without worrying about what did and didn’t get done, there are many others out there who live with the same guilt on a daily basis that you’ve felt too.

So what do those “free” moms know that you could grab ahold of and claim for yourself to live free too?  Here are four things they know that you need to grab hold of and own for yourself.

1.     We all feel your pain


Many many many mothers live with guilt.  Those mothers that don’t?  Still feel guilt here and there.  None of us are immune–we all have our moments of weakness.

Those feelings of failure, pain, frustration and guilt are felt by every mother at some point in her life.  It may not appear this way, because there are mothers who are seasoned enough to forget here and there, but I assure you–they have felt despair and helplessness at some point in their journey as well.

None of us are perfect mothers–if we were, our children wouldn’t need Jesus.

2.     The only one you ever need to please is God

And lucky for you, all you have to do to please God is submit to His will.

Even when things don’t go how you planned…

Even when nothing got done…

Even when you feel like a complete failure…

As long as you have submitted to His will and are living in obedience, He is pleased with your mothering capabilities.  He is just and He is merciful.  He will never look down on your skills and be disappointed in you as long as you are looking up to Him.

3.     Realize you belong to a privileged club

All mothers struggle at some time.  All mothers have plans that eventually fail or don’t go as planned.  All mothers know the pain of a child rejecting their authority or love at some point.

For the most part, the vast majority of mothers are doing the best they can to love their child in every way they can.

You are part of a privileged club of women who go without their dinner because their children ask for it; women who wear wrinkled clothes because they only had time to iron their children’s attire that day; women who put a career on hold to stay home and meet their young child’s needs; women who stay up all night with a sick child.  Not everyone in society lives their lives making these sacrifices for other people–these acts of selfless love are reserved for mothers and their precious children.

4.     Mothers need Jesus

Teaming up with our loving Savior is the most powerful tool you’ve got to help you survive and thrive.  He chose your children before you ever thought about having them.  If you’re willing to ask for His help, seek His help, and obey His guidance, He can help you get through this.

To the mother who lives with guilt... There are two things you need to know. First, you are not alone. And second, there is a way to break free.

Remember Mom, your children belong to the Most High God.  If He didn’t think you were the perfect earthly mother for them, He wouldn’t have chosen you for the job.  You have been hand picked as the best mother your children could ever have.  And there is nothing about that you should ever feel shame for.

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5 thoughts on “To The Mother Who Lives With Guilt

  1. Dishes in the sink…it sinks in. Today I determined to have an empty sink. I still have dirty dishes lining the counter but first time in months my sinks are empty. Now to go make dinner and fill ’em up. Ha, just how it goes.

  2. It amazing how you speak on this when I was previously talking to God about this and made my son today go wash dishes because I can’t go to bed with dishes in the sink. I was overwhelmed when you said” others mothers keep their house organize. I use to keep up with everything and keep my house organized. I don’t know what took place of this uncleaness now. I am gulity of saying things like” other mothers keep there house clean and up to date. I don’t know what happen.

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