Our Daughters Are Watching

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Life happens.

Even to the best of us.

Some days are wonderful.  Everything goes our way.  We receive affirmation that the meals we’ve planned are the best our family has ever had.  The men in our lives remind us how beautiful we are.  The bills are paid and there’s enough money in the bank to put a little more into the savings account.  That dream vacation is getting closer and you’ve already got your vacation clothes picked out and packed (and of course they look great on you).

These are the days that are easier for us to praise God.  These are the days that are easier during family devotionals to spill our hearts about how great and how generous He is.  When we say the grace before our meals we can do it with a spring in our voices and a smile on our faces.

And our children take notice.

But then there are days that aren’t so wonderful.  And sometimes, these days turn into weeks, months, or even a year.

Is it still easy to praise God?  Are you still spilling your heart during family devotionals about how great and generous our Lord is?  Is there still a spring in our voice and a smile on our lips when we turn to God?

How is it that we handle conflict and upset?  We could go at it alone.  We could try to work our way out of conflict while asking God for His guidance and help.  Or we can just give it to Him.  Where are you at?  Have you even thought about it before?


There’s a cliche` that people throw around, whatever works for you, that seems to suggest that a person should find a way to cope with life’s hand-outs that makes it easiest for him/her to push through the situation and move on.

If our go-to after a bad day is a wine cooler and Facebook, on the surface it may look as though we have found whatever works for us.  It may appear to be healthy coping.  But what does it communicate to God about how we believe our problems should be handled.

More importantly, what does it say to our daughters?  What are we modeling to them?

A wine cooler may suggest that “you just got to do what you can to push through it when things get tough.”

If our go-to is to call a friend and complain about all things in life, this may suggest to our daughters that complaining or dragging others into our problems in the “solution.”

On the other hand, if our go-to is prayer, worship, or our bibles, we are definitely suggesting to our daughters that God is our answer to all things in all situations.  Even when we know He is our all-encompassing answer, it is still somehow hard for us to choose to turn to Him instead of complaining or wallowing in our own pity.  If for no other reason than our daughters, can we choose to turn to God?

Surely only His hand will reach down and hold us as we go through our rough patches.  Surely when we turn to Him in our times of need, He will be our need and things that don’t matter will melt away.

If for no other reason than our daughters are watching, could we use this for motivation?

Be the woman who runs to Christ--if not for your own sake then for our daughters. They are watching, and they are learning.

Has having children ever motivated you to turn to God when you otherwise may have chosen not to?  I would love for you to share your story of inspiration.


20 thoughts on “Our Daughters Are Watching

  1. I just saw the movie the War Room yesterday. This reminded me of when her daughter found the mom’s empty closet filled with prayers on her wall for her family. When life is upsetting I hope I can show my daughter that instead of being grumpy and complaining that I can pray harder and love deeper. What a beautiful post!

  2. This is so true. Our kids are watching us every day. To see what we do and to imitate it. It’s both challenging and frustrating at times. Particularly when we have bad days and realize that our attitude affects the little ones.

    1. Yes–particularly when we have bad days, as you said. They will learn our coping techniques, and likely try them out someday on their bad days. All the more important to show them we run to Christ before any other substitute, yes?

  3. It is amazing how motherhood has taught me my need to turn to the One True God more and more. Partly because I really do need Him, and partly because I want my kiddos to know they need Him.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. I’m completely with you there. Just when I think my relationship with Jesus couldn’t be sweeter, my kids teach me something new to incorporate into my relationship with Him.

  4. Most definitely, having kids has caused me to press into God in a different way. Mostly because I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing, lol. On, a serious note, I recognize my child as my gift and I feel responsible for her getting a through understanding of life in God so that she may desire to embrace that lifestyle for herself as she grows.

    1. Agreed. There may be nothing I pray for and long for more in this life than for my children to embrace their gift of salvation and live their relationship to Christ to the fullest.

  5. It scares me how much my 2 year old little girl watches me and mimics my behavior at such a young age! It is definitely an eye opener for me. I want to be sure I’m leading her down the right path in how to live and act. Children are definitely a motivation in my spiritual growth!

  6. Oh, this is beautiful! I am not yet a mom, but I can still relate. How is my response to difficulty pushing others to Christ? Our witness is so powerful, especially when we choose to run to Jesus first. Thanks for the reminder today. 🙂

    1. As moms, we are more aware that little eyes are watching and learning. But even without being a parent, others are watching us (as you point out) in our difficulties and they are learning by our responses to these life challenges.

  7. This is so true! We can not let our guards down… they are always watching how we respond… and perhaps their eyes on us will keep us on that straight and narrow when we are tempted to take the easy route…

    Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  8. I absolutely love this post. After having my daughter my views have totally shifted more towards God. I turn to him for what is best to do about absolutly anything. It wasnt still isn’t easy sometimes to go straight to Jesus in prayer. But I am getting completely better at it because my daughter is totaly watching me!! ??
    Thank you, keep writing and being moved by the Ghost of Jesus.
    Blessings to you. ?

    1. Thank you for sharing how God is using your daughter to bring you closer to Him. May you be filled with the Holy Spirit, and keep looking toward Jesus. (No ghost here–He is risen! 🙂 )

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