Praying For Your Husband: Discernment And Leadership

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Oh friends it’s been a wonderful month praying for my husband’s heart.  How did it go for you all?  Are you ready for this month’s prayers?  I know I am.

This is a hefty month.  We are praying for discernment for our husbands.  Praying that he would make Godly choices.  And we are praying for his leadership.

If you have missed the introduction to this series, you may want to read it here before continuing.  And if you are new to us, you could absolutely jump in with us, but make sure when you are done, to read about praying for our husband’s heart and the most important relationship he will ever have.

You should be getting used to praying for your husband (if only for a minute) every day now.  Hopefully by the end of this month, that will be a permanent part of your day if it isn’t already.

Let’s get started.

Asking For Discernment And Leadership

One of the most common prayer requests I receive are requests for discernment–and with good reason.  Obviously the choices we make affect us down the road.  But when we are married and have a family, these choices go past ourselves and affect those around us–often the ones we love most.  When we are married, we become acutely aware of everything we do that affects someone else.

The choices our husbands are making now affect us.  Even if we won’t meet our husbands for another 20 years–his decisions are affecting us.  If you’re already married, you have a fuller understanding of this.

A good man feels the pressure.  A Godly husband knows his decisions affect his family.  If you could hear all his thoughts, I’m sure you would hear, “God, what choice am I supposed to make here?”  And I’m sure you would hear it often.

Pray for God to guide your husband.  Pray that he would speak truths into his heart and put wise images before his eyes.  Pray not just for good decisions, but pray that he be pushed toward Godly decisions.

Jesus tells us that any man who asks for wisdom would be granted it.  So don’t just ask God to give him wisdom–pray that he would seek wisdom and ask for it himself–often.

If you aren’t married, his decisions will one day affect your financial situations, parenting styles, and even intimacy.  He needs you to seek God’s teachings for him now.

If you are married, then you probably have a list of specific areas he needs discernment already.  Remember to add those to your note page for this month.

If you are headed toward a divorce or are in an abusive or unfaithful marriage, then pray he would seek wisdom–that he would stop making poor choices.  Even if you have made a sound commitment to leave an unfaithful spouse, it is not too late for him to make changes.  And above all, it shows God your willingness to submit and seek your husband’s welfare for as long as you are married to him.


I hope if you weren’t before, that you are becoming more comfortable praying scripture over your husband.  Here are some starters.  Choose one for the month, one each week, or any other combination.  I would only suggest one at a time to keep you focused.  I like to do one a week unless circumstances change.

  • Leadership (If already married):  Ephesians 5:25-29
  • Wisdom:  James 1:5
  • Discernment:  Philippians 1:9-10

Having a bit of a hard time praying scripture?  I’ll start us off:

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.                                          James 1:5

Father I give you my husband today–my special possession–and I ask that you make his heart hungry.  Give him an appetite to seek your guidance that you may bless him generously with wisdom needed to keep our marriage a Holy, God-centered marriage.  I beg you to give him a desire to fall before your throne often seeking all the ways you would guide him.  Bless him with a Godly understanding of finances and personal safety.  Guide his decisions concerning his health and personal relationships.

I pray Father that by coming before you, you would be pleased with him–that he would be a delight in you by seeking your truths.

In the name of our Lord and Savior, Amen.

Your turns friends.  Intercede for the one who holds your heart.  And let me know what other scripture you are praying over your husband this month.

Our husbands choices affect his entire family. How does God wish for a man to handle choices? How should we pray for our husbands? Join us. We're praying scripture over our husbands--single, married and anywhere in between.


19 thoughts on “Praying For Your Husband: Discernment And Leadership

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I also pray when there is a decision to be made that I will hear the Lord speak His answer through my husband. It increases my awareness of his spiritual leadership.

    1. Maggie, I’ve add him to my prayers tonight as well. Please check out Praying For His Heart when you have a moment. I hope it will bring you blessings and your road to healing will be speedy. We serve a God that can do anything. Thank you for opening up and sharing.

  2. Pray for my Husband Ravi grow in Godly leadership, Godly husband & a Godly Father. His focus to God and me and his 2 boys before other.Godly men as confidants in his life. Also a decernment of people and things that will bear fruit in his life.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a timely message. Our husbands are confronted with so many challenges at times, so when it affects our marriage, I oftentimes react instead of pray. Thankful that the Lord comforts us in all our troubles and encouraged us to seek Him first. Please pray that I continue to follow Christ and allow the Lord to use me as a vessel of honor for His glory! (Proverbs 14:1). Thank you.

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