Praying For Your Husband–His Physical Needs

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This month marks the half-way mark of our journey in praying for our husbands. If you have been with us and are married, I have no doubt you and those around your husband have noticed blessings.  And if you are single, then I know someone else has seen a change in your future husband.

This series is aimed at all ladies–teens, singles, those betrothed, and married.  If you are just joining us, welcome.  You can start here, or you are welcome to start at the beginning.  The goal is to cover our husbands selflessly with an intentional prayer purpose for a month at a time.

Go ahead and go through and tag each month you have missed.  And please share–because we are all serving the same Kingdom and we all need strong husbands.  We have covered:

This month, we will be intentionally praying over his physical needs.  And as always, this particular journey is all about him–not our marriage (although I have mentioned many times how important this is as well, this particular prayer series is just about him).

 Praying For His Physical Needs

We all have physical needs.  We need food, water, shelter, and clean air.  Perhaps you aren’t overly concerned with these at the moment.  But there are other needs to consider.  What about clothing and good health?

If you husband is overseas, you may be concerned with his personal safety and his safety of passage to return home.

Women who are married are encouraged to write down what specific needs their husbands have.  Perhaps they are struggling with a known illness, or have a known surgery coming up.  Do they struggle with chronic pain?  Have you money for upcoming shoe and clothing needs?  Is there an addiction?

Perhaps you will pray for unseen concerns to become visible so you are able to handle them?  Or you will pray for revelation in a much needed diagnosis?

If you don’t know your husband yet, then you may want to ask the Spirit to lead you in your prayers for your husband.  You may have no idea if what he needs right now is surgery or personal safety.  There are a million physical needs a human being could need–don’t worry yourself trying to cover them all.  Ask for guidance, listen, and obey.


Pray for basic human needs to be provided for–weather they are known or unknown.

Pray for your husband to be alert and looking for answers when they are presented to him.  And pray for a grateful heart when he sees and accepts provision.

Pray that your husband has opportunity and motivation for physical activities–the kind needed to keep him limber, and healthy.

Pray that he would overcome any physical addictions–and have continued support through any situations in this area.

If you are married, keep in mind that physical intimacy is a need in your marriage if you are together.

And pray that his heart would be pure to any physical needs that are met:  that he would not become prideful if he is gifted physically with an attribute, for example.  Pray that he would understand his value in the Kingdom if he has a physical situation that is less than desirable for him (like, baldness or being short, for example).


If you are single, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in the physical needs your husband has–as there are so many, you couldn’t even begin to get through them all right now.

If you are engaged, I want to continue again, to encourage you to pray for your husband, not necessarily the man you are engaged to.  I’ll repeat myself:  just because you are engaged, does not mean your fiance will be your husband–God is still in control–not us.  (But you should also pray for your fiance too, of course 🙂 ).

Once again, I encourage married women to ask their husbands what their physical needs are and how you can pray for them.  Write them in your notebook or prayer journal.  Even if they seem silly to you (maybe he wants his hair back?), or you aren’t interested in assisting him with his needs (like he desires intimacy and you just need sleep?), cover them in prayer.  God already has answers to all our prayers, He’s just waiting for us to ask.

Is your marriage on the rocks?  Praying for his physical needs to be met, addictions to be addressed, and a healthy view of his own needs certainly isn’t going to hurt your situation.  And if you are in an abusive relationship, please go to where you are safe, and pray for him from there.  Do not keep yourself or your children in a harmful situation.


If you’ve been with us for this journey, then you’re ready to move on to the scripture.  I encourage you all to pray scripture over your husbands as Jesus prayed scripture over us.  Pick one to pray for the entire month, or pick a different one each week.  Here is what I have picked out:

  • Addiction:  1 Corinthians 6:12
  • Physically healthy:  3 John 1:2
  • Purity of heart:  Psalm 51:10

I’ll go first:

“I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”                                                                                                                                         3 John 1:2


Lord I ask that you grip my husband’s entire body in your hands today. Let nothing he may do be done without you.  I ask that you work inside of him healing any ailments both known and unknown to us in a way only you are able to heal.  I ask that you give him strength and motivation to move anywhere you desire to lead him today.

I pray that just as John encourages Gaius that he enjoy the health you bring him and that the work of his hands is blessed so that other’s may see you in him.  Shine through him.  Use him.  And make me strong enough this day to be his helper in all that you desire of him.

In Jesus name, Amen


Your turn Friends.  Use the most powerful weapon a woman has to fight for her husband–get down on those knees in prayer to lift him up.

Single, engaged, or married: praying over his physical needs. Are there more than meet the eye? Let's proclaim God's Word over our husbands.

What verses would you add?  Please feel free to leave them in the comments so that others may be blessed and encouraged.


19 thoughts on “Praying For Your Husband–His Physical Needs

  1. Thanks for writing this series, Deborah. I’ve been enjoying it.
    I pray every day for my husband’s safety on his commute to work, but this month I’m going to add in prayers for these other physical needs.

    1. Thank you Shannon, I love having you join me each month. I’m really getting a lot out of this year’s prayer list as well.
      Having a Farmer for a husband, I understand your concern for his safety during the job–this is probably one of the biggest sections of prayer I have over my husband. It’s a dangerous world out there!

  2. I need prayer for my husband. He had surgery last week for a blockage in his left leg in the arteries. The doctor put in a stint and cleared it. He needs prayer to stop smoking so that he will not have more blockages. Thanks.

  3. What a fantastic post and it is so important to pray for our husbands needs and daily care. Thank you so much for the reminder and for sharing your wisdom with us. xxxx

  4. I am now happily married for 29 years and I have learnt something from you. I always pray for him but I have never prayed for every aspects like how you have directed us. thanks. These different areas are food for thoughts. and I will be applying it to my plans in helping singles.

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