Praying For Your Husband

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Weather you are married or you’re still waiting on God for a husband, I hope you are all praying for your husband–often.  And if you are on the road to divorce or separation–then I really hope you are praying for him.

This can be overwhelming for so many women.  Women who are married generally have specific areas they pray over their husbands, but it’s usually once a problem has been identified.  Prayer to prevent the problem is often lacking if present.

Ladies who are praying for their future husband also generally suffer from “tunnel vision.”  If you’ve never been married, then there are areas that you may never even think about–wouldn’t it be nice if someone identified these areas for you and you could just have them covered  in prayer before you even met Mr. Right?

How do you cover it all?

I suggest taking your time with each area.  Figure out which areas you want to narrow everything down to.  Then write down all the things in your area before you start.  Set aside an amount of time for each area, and then cover all the things in that area for that amount of time–a week, a month, etc.


How often should you be praying?

Ideally, we should be praying all the time.  But how much of that time should you be setting aside for your husband?

If you are married, I highly suggest praying over your area daily–yes daily.  And if you are having a difficult relationship, then pray more than daily.

If you’re single and you’ve never prayed for your husband before then it will depend on where you are.  If you are only 15, then praying each week or even once a month may be a good goal.  Even if no interest is in sight or if you think you’re never getting married (like I did), once you are 18-20, you should have worked your way up to praying about him daily.

Why daily?  To protect your heart.

If you are used to only praying for your future husband weekly, and then you meet an interest, you may be tempted to pray for your future husband more often.  This could deceive your heart into thinking he’s “the one.”  What happens if he’s not?

I believe gradually getting into the habit of praying for your husband daily before meeting any romantic interest will help to protect your heart.  And then once you are married, you will be used to praying daily.  This is so important.

Many women in that newlywed season are on top of the world.  Unless they are used to praying daily for their husbands, they often don’t start until a bad situation arises.  It is best to already be in the habit.


 How much attention do you give each area?

If there is an identified issue in your marriage that needs prayer, don’t cut it out.  But I’d encourage you to pray for each area for a week if you’re well prepared.  Or, take a month for each topic and follow along with us.

Get a calendar for the year.  On the first Monday of every month starting in January, we’re going to cover a different topic.  (If you’re reading this at a later time, that’s okay–just jump right in!)


If you are married, I’d highly recommend asking your husband how you can pray for him this year.  Any of his specifics should be able to be fit into one of these areas I’ve put together below.  Put his requests in with that area to make them more personal for you.  And if you’re single, then there are probably little details you may think of adding in too.  (Just remember, this is about him.)

Here are six areas to deepen his relationship with Christ, and six areas to give him strength in this world.

  1. His heart for Jesus and salvation
  2. Discernment, leadership, and wise choices
  3. His dedication to the Word
  4. His career
  5. His prayer life
  6. His physical needs and health
  7. His worship of the King
  8. His finances
  9. Godly friends and influences
  10. Pride and humility
  11. His evangelism
  12. His heart and empathy for others

Ready to get started?

How will we pray for our husbands in the new year? Here is a (one year) plan of prayer for our husbands whether we are married or still looking.

Print it out, and plug in your husband’s specific needs.  Then join us on the first Monday of every month and we will cover them in detail.


28 thoughts on “Praying For Your Husband

  1. I am so thankful for this post today. I am reminded even more to be intentional to pray for my husband. I think sometimes he and I get so focused on praying for, taking care of, and spending time with our children we can easily put each other second. Prayer will keep that focus in perspective. Thank you for this truth! I’ll be back!

  2. This is something that has been on my heart for quite some time (I’m 34 and never been married), but I never really knew where to get started. Thankful that I found your page!

    1. Oh Brooke–I know the Lord has good plans for you and your husband. He’s only waiting for your prayers so He can bless you and your man. I hope you will join us and await my surprise soon.

  3. I love how you provide the list of areas that we can pray on. That is a great resource. I am convicted; I need to pray more. Thank you for encouraging me to love my husband more. Cheering on your faithfulness!

  4. What a great and handy resource list of prayers for our husbands. And I love your suggestion of asking him what he needs prayer for. Will do!! Thanks for sharing this post. A blessing as we start a New Year.

    1. I have a copy of this list, and then when my husband gave me his list, all his requests fit into one of these categories, so it was nice. It’s a great comprehensive list that we can each individualize. Happy praying Sheila!

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