Praying For Your Husband’s Prayer Life

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Welcome to the fifth post of our twelve month series Praying For Your Husband.  If you are new to us, I want to welcome you.  This series is for teenagers, singles, and married women.  No matter where you are in life, it is never too early or too late to begin praying for your husband.

We are taking an entire year to set ourselves aside and pray selflessly just for him.  Although praying for a husband, and praying for your marriage are very noble, (and I hope you do while you are in these seasons of life), this series is all about him.

So far, we have covered praying for your husband’s heart for Jesus, praying for his discernment and leadership, praying that he would be reading his biblepraying for his career, and praying over his prayer life.  If you are joining us, feel free to jump right in here, or start from the beginning if you wish.

This month, we are focusing on his prayer life.


God speaks to us many different ways.  He speaks to us through His Word.  He speaks to us directly (not common).  And He speaks to us through other people.

Prayer is how we speak to Him.  Whether it’s in our hearts or with our lips, He hears it all.


Praying For His Prayer Life

The Lord desires for your husband to speak to Him–about everything all the time (1 Thessalonians 5:17).  When Christ is speaking to your husband, and he’s speaking back, true communication begins.  If you husband is humbly accepting the truths he is reading, and praying God’s will, beautiful things happen.

How should he pray?  God tells us

Therefore I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and dissension.                   1 Timothy 2:8


God wants our men to pray!  And He wants them to do so with holy hands–without wrath and dissension.  This makes sense since His desire is that we would really love one another.  And when we really love one another, gentle words not only come from our lips, but our hearts as well.

Prayer should be offered as Holy.  God wants that when men are praying, their hearts be in a place that says You are Holy.  You are right.  I am but a blade of grass.  Your way is perfect–mine if folly.  I choose in my limited knowledge to come to You without argumentation.  

This month you are building upon what you have already covered your husband with in your prayers and love.  You already covered your husband in prayer concerning his heart for Jesus, and then that he would be in the Word each and every day.  We can now boldly move into blessing your husband’s offering of prayer  (John 15:7).

I want to be clear for married ladies and not confuse you here.  We prayed for our husband’s heart for Jesus.  If he is in love with Jesus like we are, then praying over his time reading his Bible built on that.  But even if he is not saved, we still prayed he would feel that desire drawing him to His Word.  Therefore, if your husband loves Jesus, this prayer to draw him closer to his Maker should strengthen their relationship.  And if he isn’t saved, then prayer is an excellent path to get there.


How Do We Pray For Someone Else’s Prayer Life?

At first glance, this is tricky.  And if we think about it, it may seem like a wasted prayer.  After all, if our prayer went something like this

Dear Jesus, please make my husband pray today.  Amen.  

then the answer we could expect in return would be

Dear Child of Mine,  I want his heart too, more than you could ever understand.  But I won’t make him give me his heart.  I am Holy.  He must choose to come to me.

We know the Lord lets mankind run his own heart.  So here is what we can pray for…

Pray that the Lord would plant a longing for communication in his heart.

Pray that he gives your husband curiosity in things only the Lord can answer–guiding him to go to the Ultimate Source for answers.

Pray that his prayer matures.

Pray for characteristics in his prayers that Jesus desires to see and feel flowing from his heart.


Are you married?  Take the opportunity when you are alone and ask him how he feels his prayer life is.  Make sure you have not been arguing, and that he is in a good mood when you do.  Tell him you have been working on your prayer relationship with God.  Ask how he would like to improve his own.  And ask how you can help and how you can pray for him in this area.  Write his answers in your notebook.

This may be the only time I ask you married women to pray for yourselves in this series, but pray that you will be able to support him in this decision.  This may mean making sure you remind him verbally, leave reminder notes in his lunch, or simply provide him opportunity for alone time with God each day or as often as you can.

Are you single?  I’d like to give you an extra challenge this month.  Pray specifically that as he talk with Jesus, that he be praying for you.  We hope he has been praying for you.  But…boys will be boys…and boys will get distracted.  Pray for his heart to be drawn toward praying for your marriage now if it hasn’t already.

Are you in an abusive relationship or heading toward a divorce?  Wow can this be a powerful tool for you.  You see, when we are in prayer time, we give God extra opportunity to reveal things to us.  Pray that your husband recognize the problem and seek an answer–a real answer, not a worldly answer.  Seeking a real answer will lead him toward either looking in his Bible or asking God.  Pray             1 John 5:14 of him when he does come to the Lord.

I hold firm that the Lord releases you from your marital vows in cases of abuse and infidelity.  I’m not going to tell you you have to stay in that relationship.  If you are in danger, you must remove yourself immediately.  But if you and your husband genuinely seek to heal a broken relationship His way, I know He can heal your marriage.  And if differences cannot be worked out, praying for the husband you have now can make things less painful.


If you have been with us this entire series, then you are praying for your husband daily.  You are praying scripture over him at least part of the time.  And last month you began praying in the Holy Spirit at least part of the time as well.  I add no changes this month.  Please continue with those in as much as you are comfortable.

I leave you a long list of scripture to pray over your husband this month.  Pick one for the month, or one a week.  Write them out and ask God which ones He’d like you to pray over your husband. (I have bolded favorites to avoid becoming overwhelmed.)

  • How he should pray:  1 John 5:14, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, 1 Timothy 2:8
  • Praying humbly:  Genesis 18:27, Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Present self as holy to pray:  1 John 3:22, John 15:7
  • How not to pray:  Philippians 4:6-7, James 1:6, Prov 28:9, James 4:3
  • Have powerful prayer:  Mark 11:24, James 5:16


I’d like to start off our prayer for the month.

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”                                John 15:7


Holy, Perfect, Loving Father who has gifted me with the privilege to fall before your throne in intercession for others; I love you with everything in me.  I come to you this day knowing you know all and see all.  You see my heart just how it is at this very moment as you also see my husband’s heart in this same moment.  It is that heart that I lift up to you today Lord.

Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to reside inside my husband and guide him.  I pray today Lord that as Your Spirit guides my husband through his reading of Your Word, that it also guide him in quiet conversation with you today.  I pray my husband would come to you humbly with a repentant and correct heart.  I pray he would be open to receive your Words and any correction.

Father I pray that if he is able to abide in your Word today and set his heart on Your ways, and Your will that according to your Word, you would bless him with the desires of his heart.  And I thank you in advance for your provisions.

In Your Son’s holy name, Amen.


Now it’s your turn.  There is so much to pray about this month.  Pray your little hearts out and meet me back here next month.  And if you find some additional wonderful scripture, be sure to leave it at the bottom so all our lovely ladies can be blessed by your findings as well.

Our husbands need our prayers. Oddly enough they need us to pray for their prayer lives. An approach to helping him out with his relationship with God. Specific scripture to pray over him.



10 thoughts on “Praying For Your Husband’s Prayer Life

  1. Great post, Deborah – really great encouragement. We can’t pray for our husbands enough! And we can’t pray enough that we’ll be godly wives that will encourage them to grow in grace as they seek the Lord above all else. Thank you for the reminder, the prayer and the references. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him.

  2. Appreciate your series on Praying for Your Husband. I don’t do this enough so your suggestions on how and what to pray for him are just what I needed. Thanks so much.

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