Praying Over Your Husband’s Career And Work Ethic

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A man’s career can make or break a marriage.  Without a steady job, there are worries and stresses that may lead to marital spats, or even talk of divorce.

On the other hand, a husband who has a demanding job or has a workaholic personality can also put the same stresses on a marriage.

Where is the happy medium and how to we help our husbands get there?

If you are just joining us, we are in the fourth month of our year-long journey of praying for our husbands–not our marriages per se–but him.  It’s all about him.  We are laying ourselves completely aside in an act of selfless love for our husbands.  We are praying for the husband we have, the one we are engaged to, or the one we’ve never met.  No matter where you are in life, there is no better time than now to pray for the individual man God created just for you and no one else.

If you haven’t read the introduction Praying For Your Husband, feel free to read through our goals first.  Our first three sessions already published are:

Feel free to join us at anytime during this journey.  It is not important what day you start–only that you are indeed praying intentionally for your man.  Grab a notebook, or whatever you’re keeping notes on, and join us.


Praying For His Career

A man without a job is hard on a marriage in our society.  When you don’t have children and you are working, it may not be so bad that he is unemployed.  But what if he is a spender?  What if he keeps spending despite not having an income?  Or what if he brought a ton of debt to the marriage?

People get married because they fall in love.  One would think that they quit their marriages because the fall out of love.  Not true.  Communication and finances are the top culprits in divorce.  “In richer and poorer” turns into “as long as it’s really just richer.”

Even godly marriages fall culprit to this.  We somehow believe that through all the suffering and pain and worry we are going through, that leaving the man who turned our world up-side-down will fix things.

God does not permit divorce simply because one’s husband does not have a job.  So our choices left are blatantly sinning by engaging in a divorce, suffering through it, loving him through it and/or interceding in prayer for him.  God has so much more power than any of us–I trust Him to get us through!  Will you?

If you are married to a man without a job, kick up the prayer!  If you are married to a man with a steady and secure job, then you need this too.  As a health care professional I always tell people the best cure is prevention.  Want to make sure your husband keeps that job?  Only God knows what the future holds–it would do you well to pray for security or a back-up plan.

Still single…then this will be a whole new world for you.  You have no idea now what you’ll be getting into some unspecified time from now.


How does one pray for a job?  Just ask for it?  You could.  But let’s go to The Word.

Proverbs 22:29 says a man skilled at his work will stand before kings, not men.  If your man is skilled, he’s going places.  Pray that your husband would recognize, appreciate, and have a heart to develop skills that are worthy to be shown to a king.

Genesis 39:2 states that Joseph prospered because the Lord was with him.  Pray that the Lord will be with him during work, or secondary education, so that he will be prosperous.


But what if your husband is at the other extreme?  What if he is a workaholic?  He works long hours every day and just keeps trying to earn his way up to the kings… This can devastate a marriage just the same.  Many women who find themselves in this situation will tell you, “It’s better to be lonely alone than lonely in a marriage.”

What does one pray in this situation?

If you are in this situation, you are probably tempted to pray that he would wake up, that he would love you (and your kids) more than his job.  Maybe you pray that his hours would get cut.  I have another suggestion for you.  Pray Matthew 6:33 (also Luke 12:31) over him.  A man that truly puts God first will put his family second.  It may take time as he learns to re-prioritize.


Not married?  Start first with asking God to draw his heart to Him and learn to completely put God first.  Then move on to praying for identification and development of skills fit to display before a king.  Pray for God’s continual presence in his career in addition to his “off” time.


Verses to pray over your husbands this month:

  • Skills:  Proverbs 22:29
  • God’s hand/presence:  Genesis 39:2
  • Putting God first:  Matthew 6:33 and Luke 12:31


You should be praying for him daily by now.  If you have been regularly, I’d encourage you to pray scripture over him (one verse a week perhaps like I am?), and then just sit quietly.

God knows what your husband needs.  Once you’ve conquered praying scripture over your husband, I’d encourage you to pray in the Holy Spirit over him.  Give yourself quiet, listening time at the end of your prayer.  If you get nothing, just say Amen and move on.  But don’t be surprised if after you try this on a steady basis your heart is compelled to pray for something specific for him.  Even if it feels silly, go with it and pray for what the Spirit prompts you to.


The LORD was with Joseph, so he became a successful man.                                                                                                          Genesis 39:2

Lord Jesus, will you be with my husband right now?  No matter what his heart is doing, would you please be with him if I beg you?  Would you also send the Holy Spirit to beckon unto his heart for attention until he seeks you?  Father I ask that you would woo him until he would seek you completely.  And when he seeks you, will you then guide him in his work?  Where ever he is and whatever he is doing, would you bless his hands?  And bless the work his hands do.  Please always guide him and be an ever-presence to him.  And would you use the work that he does to bless his employer?

Thank you father for taking care of this man you have set apart just for me.  I trust him in your all-knowing and all-loving hands.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


Single? Married? On the rocks? Weather he's got a great job, is looking, isn't even bothering to look, or is a workaholic, your husband is in dire needs of your prayer right now. Let's open our bibles and see how God would have us do this.


Be faithful to your husband by being faithful in your prayer.  And come back next month as we pray for his prayer life.


27 thoughts on “Praying Over Your Husband’s Career And Work Ethic

  1. Hello Deborah!
    How do you pray scripture over your husband (and over oneself and other people)?
    I have heard this expression some times now and I wonder how to do this.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Esther, please excuse the time it took me to get back to you. I was looking for a good article to refer you to since it would take too long to answer that question here and I wanted to give you a good answer. However, I didn’t find one, sorry 🙁 .
      Praying scripture over our loved ones is so empowering, and I believe it would be wonderful if we practiced this. I plan to do a series on it soon.
      In short, the God gives us promises in His Word. When we pray, we can claim those verses over our loved ones. I give a sample prayer every month at the end of the prayers for our husbands, and you can see one of each there for now. I hope that guides you in the right direction for now, and that you will stay-tuned for a series on this soon.

      1. Hi Deborah!

        Thanks for your efforts and don’t worry, you responded very, very quickly, and if you would have taken some days it would also be ok! A good, right and appropriate answer sometimes needs some time, especially if it needs greater explanation.

        I think I now understand a bit how to pray words over one person, you take a scripture like: you shall be a blessing, and you pray to God to help your man to be a blessing; or: you shall not covet your neighbor’s belongings, and you ask God to help you not to covet?!


  2. Love this post! My husband is finally working at a job he likes but he tends to get bored and look for something else. Thank you for sharing these praying points. I’ll be referring to this post a lot.

  3. I’m glad you touched on this topic because my husband spends so much time at work. He’s not a workaholic, but even a 9-to-5 job consumes the bulk of a man’s waking hours. Additionally, I think having a job impacts a man’s identity (his role as provider for the family). I’m definitely praying for my husband’s career and work ethic!

    1. It’s so funny Shannon, as a health care provider, I always said I never wanted to marry a doctor because I knew what a strain it would on our marriage be if I married someone with as long and many hours as I had. So, then ironically I married a farmer who is gone sun up to sun down nearly every day until winter. I definitely agree that it affects his identity.
      Thank you for sharing.

  4. What an honorable and right thing to do… praying for our husbands. If we spent the same amount of time praying rather than complaining to the Lord… Even if it takes years and years to see changes, it is still right because of the promises God gives us in His word. It is difficult to continue to pray when we don’t see fruit for a long time but God promises His word does not go out void. We can confidently hold onto God’s truth, knowing in the end He will triumph. It won’t matter how many books we read or how much prayer we pray, each person will have to make their own choice before God, whether or not they want to change or grow. It took me a long time to understand this and let go of expectations as I continue to pray. Great post! Thanks for encouraging people to pray.

  5. It is always good to pray for our family members and especially our husbands as they are the head of our family. I like the fact that you say to pray and then sit and wait on God for anything specific that He wants us to pray, I think we need to be careful we aren’t praying “our” agenda over our husbands but praying “Gods” agenda. Thanks again for sharing this series with us and for taking the time to put it together. Blessings

    1. This series is based on my study for singles. But the same things can/should be prayed over our husbands when we are married–in fact, I am praying along with it for my husband every month as well 🙂 .

  6. A year ago I went to a women’s conference with my mother at our church. I was 3 weeks out from my 2nd C Section in 15 months, facing some financial trouble and not really comfortable in my relationship with God (still not, but i am working on it). The conference was about prayer.
    Feeling like an absolute fool, I prayed that my husband would get a raise for all of his hard work. That he’d be able to continue to support us financially as I began my endeavor as a stay at home mom. That God would help us as we tried to make our home livable for our children and start to become debt free.

    3 weeks later I had forgotten my prayer. I had only prayed it because I couldn’t think of anything else in that moment. (Again, 3 weeks after major surgery, you’d think I might have thought of praying for a smooth recovery)
    My husband came home with the news that not only had he received a raise, he’d been promoted!

    My first prayer in YEARS was for my husband, and it was answered. I’ll never forget that night or that prayer. I still don’t pray much, but after reading this blog post, I think I will start making sure that prayers for my husband are a priority.

    1. Allison, as I read, “feeling like a fool” I couldn’t help to think to myself, “I don’t really think that’s foolish at all.” While God won’t always give us THE answer we want, He will answer us–when we ask. (And we all need God to assist our husbands to provide, don’t we? 🙂 .)
      If any of us married our husbands the first day we talked to them, we’d be awkward and the relationship may be uncomfortable. We must visit, speak, and listen often to develop that relationship. Much in the same way, our heavenly Husband desires us to get to know Him until that time for which He comes to take us to that marriage supper. It sounds like Jesus called to you when you were vulnerable, ready to ask, and ready to accept help. He wants you to be more comfortable with Him. And if talking about your husband is the way to woo you, I’m sure He’s pleased to do so.
      I hope you grow closer and closer to the God of perfect grace and let Him be the shoulder you lean on for everything.
      And I’ll be right here to help you if you need it.

  7. Thank you sooo much!I ddnt know I needed this till I read it!my situation is that i have dated my husband to be in a long distance relationship but now that we are getting married i want us to stay togethe and for the Lord to bless him with a job he will love in a country he can stay with me.God bless

  8. Thank you so much for your article, I really needed it and pray that it helps. My husband has been unemployed for over a year now. As you can imagine this has brought with it tensions at times as well as feelings of not being good enough where my husband’s concerned.
    My husband is very religious and reads the Words most days, he also loves watching religious programmes on TV as well as going to church. I can’t help but feel bad that even with all this God has still not changed his situation. I keep asking myself if there’s anything wrong we did or if there’s anything we can do to get God’s blessings but nothing comes to mind.
    I have reached rock bottom, especially after seeing my husband look like he has the world’s problems on his shoulders, and realise that all I can do at this point is pray for my husband.
    Thanks again.

  9. Hi Deborah,
    I found your article through an internet search because I am at my wits end! My husband has been unemployed off and on throughout our entire marriage of 15 years. His business ventures have failed, if he is able to get a job it does not last long and then it takes a year or more for him to get another job. Recently, he has had several interviews, but no job offer!!!
    I am struggling and I just can’t continue to support our three growing children, my husband and myself – by myself. Now my children are starting to become affected by my husband’s inability to get a job. My husband is embarrassed by his unemployment and he rarely interacts with our children anymore. I had to move our house from a great community where my children had friends to play with – because I could no longer afford the rent by myself. I had to pull our children out of a school they had been in for over 5 years, that they absolutely loved-where they were excelling. My oldest child used to set his alarm for 6am so he could go to school 30 minutes early – Now I have a hard time getting him up in the mornings and he begs me not to make him go to the new school. I don’t want my children to grow up with a poor work ethic because they see their father not working and sitting around watching tv all day.
    I looked back in my old prayer notebook-I have been praying for my husband for years, but to no avail? What am I doing wrong? I am so tired and frustrated! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  10. I Always thank the Lord what He has done for us but forgot to ask something for my husband. tHank you very much for this post. God bless you all

  11. I want to have faith and pray for my husband and that he finds a job soon and keep for a long time. My husband is a hard worker but for some reason keeps getting laid off, fired or let go. This has been happening pretty much our whole marriage, 29 years together. I’ve asked my husband to seek help, whether through church, or therapy something but he won’t do it. He promises me at first but never follows through. How do I continue to pray for my husband who can’t seem to keep his job and does not want to figure out why and doesn’t want to seek help?

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