Praying Over Your Husband’s Finances

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Are you married?  Engaged?  Still looking for the one Jesus has separated from this world just for you?  If you fit any of these molds, then join us in our one year quest to set ourselves aside and lift up our husbands in prayer.

It’s a new month, and that means a new focus.  In August, we’re concentrating on his finances.


Finances Help Make Or Break Marriages

I hate to even admit this–but in the secular world (and sometimes in the Christian couple), finances are one of the biggest things that can split apart a loving marriage, or keep a miserable marriage together.

When Christians wed, most are childless and both have steady jobs.  Suddenly, they are living in a two-income home and things (financially) are good.  With the addition of children, expenses show up.  Perhaps even one partner quits to stay home with the children.

Finances change… Things may get “tight.”  It’s tempting to get frustrated because it isn’t as easy to pay bills.  Do you take it out on each other?

Unfortunately, a lack of finances does cause many to say to themselves, “I’m just not as happy as I used to be.”  And they don’t realize the reason is mostly a lack of gratitude for God’s blessings, rather than some other surface issue.


On the other hand, we have all met the (financially well endowed) couple whom we are sometimes surprised to find out are married.  They are rarely seen together, and when they are there is no compassion.  Their relationship appears more like a roommate situation rather than a marriage.

Maybe they have different work schedules.  Perhaps one works while the other shops.  They may even have seperate bedrooms.  They don’t go out together, but go out with friends often.

Even with a lack of love, somehow money keeps them “comfortable” right where they are.


Which couple would you prefer to be?

I hope you are screaming neither one!  But Friends, none of us are immune. Finance is a category in need of very careful prayer.  A person’s true heart can be revealed in their prayers regarding money.


A Man’s Finances

There are two major things the world will notice about a man’s finances (and it will notice).  The world will notice whether a man has money, or whether he doesn’t.

There are two major things that God knows about a man’s finances.  They are whether he is grateful with what He has and whether he is a good steward of his money.

Please don’t misunderstand me here.  I am not saying it is “wrong” to pray for money.  In fact, I have done this before.  I have asked for a huge amount of money. And I received it all in a large sum within a short period of time–almost exactly what was needed just before the deadline–and I believe it was a gift from the Lord.  This has happened twice in my life.

Because we live in this world, there will be times when we need money to ensure our personal safety or that of others.


Praying The Lord’s Will Over Our Money 

I am encouraging you here in our one year journey, to look at the two things God reads in a heart concerning finances.  And I’m asking you to contemplate what it is you would like your husband’s heart to look like when God reads it.


Single?  This is really the perfect time for you to pray over your husband’s contentment with and responsibility over his finances.  There is nothing wrong with your not-yet-met husband giving nearly all he has to ministries right now. Equally, there is also nothing wrong with him saving it away for a house, wedding, and family one day either (as long as the Lord isn’t telling him otherwise).  This is the time where he should be committing either way to his tithing–as a joyful gift–not as an I have to.

Pray that your husband is content in his finances.

Pray that your husband is responsible with his finances.

Pray that your husband is generous with his gifts.

Pray that your husband is a joyful giver of and committed to his tithing.


Engaged?  Your fiance could be blinded by puppy love at this time–which could affect his finances in a negative way.  Pray that he wouldn’t feel pressure to cut his tithing in order to put more toward a wedding.  After all, when it comes down to it, you want him to worship Jesus more than you, right?

Enjoy what you’ve been given, but pray for a sense of responsibility.


Married?  More than ever, when a godly man becomes married, he will feel more and more pressure to provide for his family.  A husband must be clear-minded and seek continued godly wisdom to understand God’s definition of provision for his family–not the world’s.

Pray he would not be lazy in his efforts to provide (Proverbs 10:4).

Pray he would honor God with the wealth given to him–no matter how small (Proverbs 3:9).

Pray he would take debts seriously before they control your family (Romans 13:8).


As we all pray over our husbands this month, I encourage you to pray scripture–God’s Words–over them.  Pick one of these for the month, or one each week, or choose your own.

  • Faith that God shall supply all:  Phil 4:19
  • Tithing test:  Malachi 3:10
  • A guarded heart:  Hebrews 13:5
  • Private giving:  Matthew 6:1-4
  • To be blessed with finances:  Deuteronomy 28:12

And in keeping with tradition, I will go first:

“Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,
“Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.”                                                                                                                                                                                        Hebrews 13:5


Lord Jesus, I ask right now that You guard my husband’s heart. Keep his focus on godly earnings and provisions and not those of this world where we walk as pilgrims.  I pray that his contentment with Your provisions be so steadfast that there is no financial yearnings found when You search the depths of his heart.

Place a joy in his heart for the promise he has that You will never leave him, never forsake him.  Ingrain this into every beat of his heart, and every breath that passes his lips:  that You are his Lord now and forever and You will never leave him without his needs.

I ask for You to guard him from the love of money with Your promise of provision and ownership of his soul.

Thank you Lord for every gift, every provision, every protection.

In Your Son’s precious, holy and perfect name, Amen.


Another month ladies.  Bless him beyond belief with the ultimate power of the universe.  And take comfort in the protection our Lord keeps over him.

Praying for your husband's finances. Whether you're single, engaged, or married, here are some guidelines you're going to want to pray over your future husband. Includes verses to be praying over him.

Did you find other verses to pray over your husband?  Share them with me–I’d love to hear how you’re praying for your men Friends.


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12 thoughts on “Praying Over Your Husband’s Finances

  1. What a wonderful series! Yes, it’s so important for us, as wives, to be praying over our husbands, even in the area of finances. Thank you for the this reminder, and wonderful lesson.

  2. Let’s pray from 1 Timothy 6:17, that they (and we) will not “be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” Thank you for this post!

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