Possessing His Full Confidence & Lacking Nothing of Value

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As the king instructs his son of the woman he should seek for a wife, he has this to say about a woman worthy of marriage:

Her husband has full confidence in her
and lacks nothing of value.                                                                                                                                                            Proverbs 31:11

Whether you are single or married, I challenge you to this question:  are you a woman who can give her husband full confidence in you?  The woman who would give her husband no room for doubt or distrust?

What would that look like?


This woman worthy of the king’s son in marriage spends her money wisely—she gives him no reason to worry about putting them on a path toward a financial disaster.  She does not hide her purchases, and is careful to consider every penny she spends with the well-being of her entire family in mind—not merely her own wants.

She is careful to protect her heart.  She chooses her relationships wisely, even when that means not being friends with someone she wants to, and staying a safe distance from other men who may be “perfectly safe” as a means to guard her romantic relationship with her husband.

She takes time emotionally and physically (even when she’s tired), to spruce herself up a bit for her man.  The “I have a headache” card is not oft-played in her household.

She is careful of her words—never spreading gossip.  The next time someone runs into her husband at the gas pump, he can feel confident others won’t be pointing fingers and whispering.  She knows every word she speaks, no matter how insignificant, could make it back to her husband—and hurt him.

Above all, she understands that even when she can’t see it or understand it, everything she does can affect her husband.  With deep love and respect for her husband, her words, thoughts, and actions are intentional.  They are guarded with prayer, modesty, and submission.

Her husband has full confidence in her
and lacks nothing of value.                                                                                                                                                            Proverbs 31:11

When this woman worthy of marriage enters this lifelong commitment to the king’s son, she is so totally everything to him that he lacks nothing.

He does not lack the ability to pay the rent because his wife was careless with the finances.

He isn’t lonely and lacking a sound and complete friendship because she is careless with her relationships and where she shares her affections.

He is free of the temptations of other women’s attention because he feels respected and loved deeply by his wife’s full attention and how she takes care of herself.

Nothing of value is left for him to desire.


If we want to be this woman, then when anything of value is lacking, or we are foolish stewards of the assets we tend to as keeper of the home and his help meet, then we must take full responsibility and fix these things ourselves.

When we find ourselves struggling with this, we should repent of sins that need to be fixed (over and over if need be).  Ask Him to change, transform, and mold us.

If need be, we should find a trusted friend who is rooted in His Word–a Titus 2 woman if one is available.  Ask her to pray for us.


When I am tempted to tell myself this is just an unachievable fairy-tale that I shouldn’t bother with, I ask myself, When Jesus (my future groom) comes to take me away, will I shy from being the best bride I can?  

Certainly not.

Then I shouldn’t shy away from being the best bride I can to the man of my dreams right here on earth.


How is a wife able to give her husband full confidence in her, and make sure he lacks nothing of value?

4 thoughts on “Possessing His Full Confidence & Lacking Nothing of Value

  1. HI Deborah, I love Proverbs 31. I see it as something to strive towards. I know I don’t match up to it in lots of ways, but to keep trying is the key, in fact, to keep trying with the Lord’s help is the key. I love how you have broken it all down. And I too need to spend some more time here. A refresher course is needed me thinks 🙂 Thank you .
    God bless

    1. [Big sigh!] There are so many ways I don’t match up. But, this is just one verse for me to work on right now. He’s still working on me 🙂
      I enjoyed linking up, and found some good stuff there.

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