Reasons We Fail As Homemakers

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I tend to find that most houses I go into are well kept.  Even so, the greeting I receive at the door tends to be followed by, “Please excuse the mess.”  I used to think it was just a sign of humility from the host.

But as I paid more attention to these women, I began to notice the fatigue and overwhelmed aura underneath.  For some of us housewives, we are failing to keep our houses clean.  And some of us are failing to make our house a home.

Why?  Here are a few reasons for both:


1.  Social Media

Ok.  So everyone saw this one coming.  How many times have you been fretful that something wasn’t done? wasn’t cleaned?  wasn’t put away? wasn’t prepared on time?  And…how many times could you actually complete this sentence:  “I just saw on Facebook  ________________________”?  Yeah… me to…

2.  Taking On Too Much

How often are you absolutely amazed at how much another woman gets done and you are left feeling like what you’ve got done doesn’t even compare?

I think we’ve all been there.

The truth is, if she only saw the picture-perfect parts of your life, she would probably be amazed at you and left feeling like she couldn’t compare.

When we seek to become Christlike, we are seeking to be humble too.  As we grow in our humility, we tend to see even more of the best in other people–which is a good thing.  What is not a good thing is when we start to compare ourselves and start to think we aren’t good enough.

We are good enough.  Remember, Christ tells us

My yoke is easy and My burden is light.                                                                                              Matthew 11:30

We need to drop burdens that are not given to us from the Lord.

3.  Television

Television is a double culprit.  It first takes our time away.  Are you watching a biblical study, or documentary on how to improve your gardening skills?  It may be worth the time.  But more often, it is just a time waster.

Television, second, is a big part of why we feel inferior and are left feeling we should be doing more.  We don’t need to try to be the woman on T.V.  We only need to be the woman God called us to be.

4.  Avoiding the issues

I have done this one so many times.  If there is something I don’t like doing, I tend to leave it “til last” and then it never gets done.  I may have the time to fold all that laundry, but I keep finding other, more pleasant, things to do instead.

5.  Lack of a good role model

I have some friends right now who are struggling to be homemakers simply because they didn’t have anyone to teach them.  For whatever reason, they didn’t have a mother in the home who was showing them how to clean properly or teaching them to budget their time.

It is harder to learn to change your way of life as an adult than it is for a child.

Finding out what our pitfalls are is the first step to defeating them.  And once you’ve defeated them, keep them in the back of your head to keep from slipping again.

Most of us are really good homemakers and housekeepers most of the time. But occasionally, we fail. What are the culprits? I've got 5 right here to identify and then weed out.

Do you fall into any of these traps?  Or are you managing to keep a focused outlook and positive drive?  For more, please read 10 Ways To Master Your Homemaking.


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15 thoughts on “Reasons We Fail As Homemakers

  1. 1 and 2 are definitely my problems! Blogging can become very addictive if I let it, so I am really trying to limit computer time. And I am already thinking that I have taken on too much outside the home, which means my focus is not where it should be all the time. Another great post. Thanks.

    1. We are blessed to live in a world that offers us so much, and when we have servant’s hearts we can absolutely take on too much. Tame that heart this year Jayne 😉 .

  2. Hey, great post. I can relate to the role model one, my mum always said there were better things to do besides house work. Mmm there are but house work is Important too. Have to watch the Internet one too . Thanks for linking up at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    1. My biggest reason is that I stop caring about housework during planting and harvesting times (can I say that?). For those couple months I just want to make sure the schooling gets done and our harvest will be successful. There’s almost no sleep and I really don’t care if the floor doesn’t get mopped! #4 is definitively my failure reason.

  3. I struggle (and am trying to do better!), with a few of these. I’m trying to let people see the reality of my home, too. No more sweeping things under the rug when the doorbell rings. Having a season with littles in my home means that sometimes, most of the time, things just aren’t going to be perfect- and that’s ok. 🙂

    1. Yes Tracy! That’s so true! But it’s a hard thing for new mothers to learn and accept. It’s part of #2 and possibly #5. In #2, we only think we are failing because we think we have to be everything to everyone.
      It sounds like you are being the role model in #5: we need mothers like you to show us “it’s ok.” Thank you so much for sharing the truth in your situation.

  4. I work full time which means I need to be very organised and structured and I hate living in a messy or dirty house so I just do it. I also had two very hard working dedicated parents that were and still are (even in their 80s) excellent role models who taught me to do the “yuck” jobs first and pleasure second. and I have attempted to pass this onto my adults sons.

    1. You’re very dedicated Jo. I have always had two full time jobs as well until my first child was 8 months old, and then I cut it down to one. I understand fully what that’s like. You need to be very dedicated and “just do it” as you say. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and encouraging others that it can be done.

  5. I would have to say that #1 is my biggest downfall. I’m working on it by just leaving my computer off at certain times. It’s hard sometimes, but it feels good to not be letting the computer run my life.

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