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We all go through rough patches in our lives.  But sometimes, those rough patches stretch on.  Occasionally, they become more of a permanent fixture–a new norm.

But what if we don’t want it to be the new norm?  What if we’re ready to move? to heal?  to live again?

If you’re there right now, or know someone else that is, here are five steps to take to reclaim your life again.


1.     Read you bible every day.

I know you’ve heard me say it many times over and over, but you’ve got to be in God’s Word every day if you want to experience the good life that He desires for you to live so abundantly.  He desires relationship with each and every one of us.

Amazing things happen when we are intentionally focusing on Him in a precise way each and every day.

When the weight of the world on our shoulders is too much to take, He is there to offer His yoke.

When the to-do list is so long you don’t know where to start, the Holy Spirit beckons you Come to Me, put Me at the top of your list.

When the world is screaming, He is there to lead you beside still waters.

But you’ve got to accept the offer.  No one else can open His Word and pour it into your heart–you’ve got to pick up your love story and open it for yourself.  He’ll be waiting for you.  I promise.

2.     Eat breakfast.

How many adults have stopped eating breakfast?  There are so many reasons we skip it.  I won’t list them here.  I’ll just remind you that people that eat breakfast live an average of six years longer.  They have more energy during the day.  They are less likely to overeat later in the day.

3.     Pray with a trusted and safe girlfriend once a week.

If you don’t have a safe, trusted friend to pray with, then don’t just go around asking.  For your own protection, pray over whom you should ask and listen for an answer before you start shopping for a prayer partner.

Having a prayer partner puts you in a vulnerable position–if you pick the wrong person, this will not help to lift your spirits.  But choosing whom God picks for you can be so uplifting.  (A word of caution:  I once had to wait over a year for God to give me a prayer partner.  Be patient.)

Pick someone equally yoked–close to the same place in their prayer walk as you or an older Titus 2 mentor.

Do not pick a gal whose been your best friend forever if you are not certain that she is walking firmly with Christ. And do not pick even the strongest Christian you know if she has a tendency toward gossip or isn’t accountable–you can’t afford to have a gal pal who isn’t going to meet with you weekly–every week–for a long, long, long time.

4.     Go to bed.

Yes.  Set a time and be in bed every night at the same time.  Can’t sleep?  Don’t get up and eat, watch TV, get on Facebook, or anything else.

If you can’t sleep, open your bible again.  Especially if you haven’t been doing #1.

5.     Exercise six days a week

Studies have shown over and over all the amazing benefits of exercising. Benefits range from fighting depression, building confidence, boosting sex life (in married couples), sleeping better, to loosing weight.  There isn’t really a downfall when done correctly.

Only you know what exercise is best for you.  For some of us, we jump on a treadmill.  For others, ten minutes of stretching every day is what is needed to center and focus on the day.

You need to define what exercise is to you.  Six days may sound like a lot, but is it really if you consider adding a 10 minute walk?  or ten minutes of stretching?  or just taking the stairs from now on at work?  You can do it.  And if you can’t, go for five or four.  Every little bit helps.

I say six days a week so you can devote every part of your Sabbath to serving the Lord.

If you're in a spot where life has got you down, try these 5 things to reclaim your days.

We all get in slumps.  If you’re there, I challenge you to do this list for one month.  Keep a journal.  Pin this and come back in a month.  I want to hear how you did.


6 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Life

  1. Deborah, these are such good suggestions. I do read my Bible every day, but it’s usually just before I go to bed. I want to start reading it more and using it more in my prayer life. You are right about the exercise. I feel so much better when I have done even a little bit each day. Oh, and bedtime is something I really struggle with. I stay up much too late. Maybe I will take your challenge…. I’m visiting from Letetia’s place! Blessings to you!

  2. It seems that there are a few of us who want to reclaim or lives and your pointers are great. I have really slacked off lately with getting up early and my bedtimes are getting later so I really need to pull this in. Exercise is definitely one thing I need to work on more and I appreciate your encouragement. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

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