How is a wife able to give her husband full confidence in her, and make sure he lacks nothing of value?

Possessing His Full Confidence & Lacking Nothing of Value

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As the king instructs his son of the woman he should seek for a wife, he has this to say about a woman worthy of marriage: Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.                                                                                                                                                            Proverbs 31:11 Whether you are single or married, I challenge you to this question:  are you a woman who can give her husband full confidence in you?  The woman who would give her husband no room for doubt or distrust? What would that look like?

How would things be different if we were praying over the work of our husbands' hands? We could unleash blessing we would never see.

Praying Blessings Over The Work Of Your Husband’s Hands

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Another month, and another area of prayer focus for our husbands.  If you are just joining us, we are committing to chose an area of focus and key scripture to pray over our husbands each and every day for a month at a time.  This series is for single women, engaged women, and married women alike. If you would like to go back to the beginning of this series, you are welcome to start here.  Also, if you want to pick from a list of prayers we have done so far, check here (though they won’t be in order). It is not necessary to start anywhere specific.  If you would like to you can start right here today, and continue to follow along by email (I’ll talk about that later). The most popular prayer for our husbands so far, (in traffic, in Facebook posts, Twitter, Pinterest and by Google search) is Praying Over Your Husband’s Career and Work Ethic.  We’ve transitioned away from praying over this area, but I strongly feel it’s time to visit it again with a new focus.

If you've been wounded by your mother-in-law for whatever reason, the family atmosphere changes. Are you struggling to get through it? Here are 5 truths to believe and embrace to love her better when you're hurting.

5 Truths To Embrace To Love Your Mother-In-Law Better

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If you are reading this right now, it’s likely because you want a better relationship with your mother-in-law.  And not only that, you want to love her better. I commend you.  God’s heart is that we would love and honor our mother and father.  And once we marry and husband and wife become one, then this crosses over to our in-laws too.  For this, you deserve recognition.  God bless you for wanting to be obedient to God, and love her better. Often as we mature in both wisdom and age, we learn that loving others better often means that love is not always returned.  I pray this is not your particular case, but if it is, then don’t lose hope.  Even if your mother-and-law and you never become BFFs, you can still love her deeply. Here are five truths to embrace to love her better.

When a husband's confidence in the Lord's provision is strong, the entire family unit grows stronger.

Praying For Your Husband’s Confidence In God’s Provision

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A family’s structure can be weakened by a husband who, although he may be of godly character, lacks full trust that it is God who is providing for His family and not merely his own independent actions.  Likewise, when our husband’s confidence of the Lord’s hand in making sure he provides for his family is unshakable, the entire family structure is strengthened. It sounds so easy, but in reality this world is full of unemployment, rising healthcare costs, cars that break down, clothes that wear out and homes that must be kept up.  A man’s role as provider for his family can be the number one stressor in his life if he lets it. “Let go and trust God” is much easier said than done most of the time.  So what is a wife to do to ease his burden?

Single? Betrothed? Married? Join us as we pray this month that our husbands would have teachable hearts.

Praying For Your Husband: A Teachable Heart

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A husband is the head of his family.  It doesn’t matter how old he is or how mature, this is the position the Lord gives him.   Some husbands are ready for this role.  Life has molded them into leaders.  They have been given opportunities to lead—growing up in their family, at school, at church, at work.  Perhaps they have had as many failures as they have successes, but they have had experience. Stepping into a leadership role once married may be a thrill or it may be awkward—but it isn’t their first rodeo. Other men perhaps have shied away from leading.  It may not be because they are “bad” at it, but perhaps they have just preferred to stay “under the radar.”  It’s entirely possible that men who have natural leading skills have simply been too shy, humble, or even busy to take on leadership abilities.

Compassion involves two steps which are achieved only by beginning with selflessness. Over and over in God's Word He bids us to have compassion for each other. Our husbands are no different. The world, however, has a different plan for our men. Through prayer, we can seek to empower our men to be who God desires them to be. Single, engaged, or married, join our community in monthly prayer focuses for our husbands. Bible verses for prayer included.

Praying For Your Husband: Compassion For Others

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Compassion is sometimes a less understood attribute. Kindness, gentleness, or even a smile could all be mistaken for compassion.  Even the tendency to keep one’s mouth shut during a negative conversation could also be an act that causes someone to be labeled as compassionate. While all of these things could stem from compassion, they could all also come from a person who is not compassionate at all. Kindness, gentleness, smiling, and keeping quiet can all be automatic learned responses.  It is very possible for a person who exhibits all of these responses to be quite uncompassionate. How then, would we define compassion and why would it be desirable in a husband?

Slowly, time and a changing culture are attempting to redefine how a man is honored or even when he *deserves* that honor. How does this definition stack up to God's Word?

A World Ripping Honor Away From Our Husbands

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Sometimes life is messy. At times, being an adult is also messy. Being married is no different.  Eventually we all have a messy episode.  And sometimes the messy events happen again, and even start to happen more frequently.  They last longer.  Perhaps there even comes a point when the episode becomes the marriage. There are no longer episodes.  Instead, the entire marriage has become a mess. What is a wife to do when the fantasy has disappeared?

God tells us, "Go and tell"... Praying for our husbands (single, engaged, or married). Praying they would be knowledgeable, truthful, and bold in their mission to share the gospel with those around them.

Praying For Your Husband’s Evangelism

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Friends, if you’re just joining us, I want to welcome you to our journey.  We’re encouraging  every single, betrothed, and married woman to devote a part of every day to pray for your husband.  We’ve picked 12 key areas to focus on this year, and we’re alternating his earthly physical needs with his relational needs with Christ each month.  (You can go here to start at the beginning if you’d like, or join us this month.) This month we’re praying over his evangelism. Have you been with us for the journey?  If you have, I can imagine that you (or someone else) is seeing a change and/or strength in your husband.  Keep up the fight, warrior women–you’re strengthening your men for their daily battles.

When a couple faces the unthinkable challenge of getting through the death of a child, how can they look to the Lord together and stay strong?

Keeping A Marriage Strong After The Death Of A Child

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If it’s happened to you, I pray you are leaning on the Lord and that He is healing you even at this very moment.  And if it hasn’t happened to you, then I pray you will never know the pain, the struggle, and the sometimes hopelessness that goes along with losing a child. Such overwhelming grief and sorrow in a parent’s life will cause a disruption of “normal” life.  The disruption can lead to dropping out of school, a change in job status, a change in social (and church) involvement, and a change in the role (and relationships) at home. A woman who grieves leans on her husband to help her through.  A man who grieves has a wife to confide in.  But what happens when both grieve—often differently—for the same loss, at the same time?  I don’t think anyone in their right mind would say this is an easy process. The loss of a child tears through the heart of a family.  And the truth is, many relationships do not endure the pain, guilt, and anger that are left.