The Enemy Wants Your Marriage To Fail

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Each and every one of us that is married represents something Satan doesn’t have nor will ever posses.  Our marriage to our husbands is a symbol of the church body’s marriage to Christ.  Satan is not a part of a Christian marriage, nor is he invited to the marriage supper.  And he knows it.

He has been left out, and is jealous of what he will never have.  And he’s out to destroy it.  This puts us all under attack–even if we aren’t married yet.

Friends, have you felt the attack before?

Do you listen to a voice you know not where it comes from and quietly get angry or agitated with your spouse?  Can you look back at these times and wonder why you felt the way you did when you know it really wasn’t a defining point in your relationship?


Has a child began to act out or manipulate a parent?  Maybe he or she is refusing to attend church.  Perhaps one or more children have become the bully or gotten into other troubles.  You are starting to disagree on child rearing and new discipline measures.

I promise to be good to you in the good times and the bad


Has an illness or death of a child or other loved one put a wedge between you? Perhaps it is felt through the entire household.

In sickness and health


Perhaps a wife quit a job to stay home with children–or a husband was laid off? Finances aren’t as stable as when you first married with two steady incomes coming into the house.  You now have to choose where the finances go–and you don’t agree.

Through richer or poorer


Maybe you realize one day that you are no longer young anymore.  And, dare I say it, you aren’t happy with how life has turned out.  You want life to be different.  Does your spouse feel the same way?  Or is he content?  If your spouse is content, do you suddenly feel that in order to have the different life that you “deserve” so much, that you will have to do it alone?  Or with someone else?

I will love you and honor you all the days of my life


These are all attacks from the enemy friends.

But here’s the good news–he is easily defeated by your Creator.  If you have been here, or if you are here, are you letting Jesus fight your battle?

Do you use Him as your shield with each arrow launched at you?  or your spouse?

Do you go to Him every morning for the strategic battle plan for the day?  And again when the attack changes and a new defense plan is needed?

Have you put God first in your marriage?  When you are first, or your husband is first, Satan can easily defeat you.  When God is chief in your marriage, the enemy is quickly outsmarted and your shield grows vastly larger.


For those of you out there who feel at the end of your rope–and are even contemplating divorce (for reasons other than spousal abuse or infidelity), I’d like to share a prayer with you.

Each and every one of us that is married represents something Satan doesn't have nor will ever posses. Our marriage to our husbands is a symbol of the church body's marriage to Christ. Satan is not a part of a Christian marriage, nor is he invited to the marriage supper. And he knows it.

May you always look to Christ to fight your battles and heal your wounds.


15 thoughts on “The Enemy Wants Your Marriage To Fail

  1. Oh such good truth to this. I have experienced this and went through divorce. My husband and I are now back together, praise God… but the struggles are still there and the enemy still tries to talk. Pray, pray, pray. 🙂 So grateful for your writing!!

    1. That is an amazing story Rachel. It brought goosebumps when I read it. God can do anything–if we put Him in control. I know it must have taken quite a toll on you and I know you have to be working hard to make it work.

  2. Thank you so much for these wise words – it is hard to remember that we have an enemy that wants us to fail in our marriage – it’s so easy to turn on one another before turning to God. A great reminder here 🙂

  3. Good words, and great prayer. It’s hard for me and my husband since he suffered a traumatic brain injury. One of the counselors he saw said his emotional part of brain was damaged. So it’s hard to communicate.

    1. Wow. Wives of a husband with a TBI have got to have so much patience to get through the journey. What a challenge you have been given Shirl. May you be blessed with extra patience and understanding.

  4. Thank you for this post. The enemy has been on the attack in our marriage for a long time. Prayers would be appreciated. thx

  5. Marriage is hard – it is a battle to stay strong! I love how you addressed the issue of our enemy wanting to destroy our marriages. Our marriages are a reflection of the relationship between the Father and His Son – of course the enemy abhors it! I am going to share on my blog round-up #11 hopefully later this week.

  6. I am a Christian and I am contemplating divorcing my husband. The daily acts of non-physical abuse has destroyed my self esteem, my self-worth, my overall strength. Reading this and now typing my reply, has me crying hysterical in pain and shame. I want SO bad for my marriage to work, but I am married to a man who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I have had 2 years of counseling to help me cope with his illness but along the way, I have lost myself. My own family wants to know “where’s the Priscilla I knew”? Today is our 3 year Wedding Anniversary, of which HE has made clear he is not celebrating. He complained about my surprise gifts and refused the card I had left him on his pillow. There are only a few GOOD memories we share; the rest are miserable and end in arguments. I love my husband, but I honestly wish I didn’t. . . .it would be easier and cause less pain and anguish. My counselor has prepared me from the start that you can’t change someone with BPD. Counseling doesn’t work for him . . . he only goes to be told he’s “right” and will leave the moment he’s told otherwise. I wan’t to uphold my vows but know that in doing so, will continue to cost me my self-respect and dignity.

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