The Letter B Sensory Play

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Sensory play, math, science, character building and guided play for the letter B.We’ve been working on the letter B with the littles this week.  One of the things I love about teaching littles, is all the playing we get to do 🙂 .


We started with a sensory bin.  I used the colored beans I already had made from a previous sensory bin (never toss your stuff out 🙂 ).  I then added two packages of butterfly erasers ($1 each at the Dollar Store).  Measuring cup, spoon, and a chalkboard (from the BTS sensory bin) with the letters “Bb” on it topped it off.

And then of course, they wanted it on a blue table cloth.  After about ten minutes of play, the three year old insisted on a big brown beautiful bow in her hair.  We were able to pull it off, but I didn’t get any pictures.

There are a total of 20 butterflies, so the kindergartner even got in some math action with the littles.

They played with it forever, giving me time to work with the olders.

Best Butterfly science books for preschoolers and associated letter B sensory, math, science, character building and guided play activities. Also this week, we reviewed some butterfly books.  Over, and over.  (And over…and over.)  I suggest a trip to the library to get your books, but I happen to have these because I love them so much.

  • Amazon is a Cat In The Hat book that doubles as a science book (very informative), and I use it as a 1st grader reader.
  • From Caterpillar to Butterfly  by Deborah Heiligman is another favorite of ours.  We have many books from this series and many libraries carry many books from this series as well.  It’s a stage one book (preschool and kindergarten).

That covered the science for the littles this week. (And score when we found a monarch caterpillar in the garden–a little out of season–but exciting!)

Awesome "Be kind" books for preschoolers and associated letter B sensory, math, science, character building and guided play activities. We also worked on our character building with a couple books.

  • Charlie’s “Be Kind” Day by Patricia Shely Mahany also doubles as a Level 2 reader.
  • Be Polite and Kind  by Cheri J. Meiners is out of a series we found at a yard sale for a steal of a price.

My kids expect that when we do character building of any kind that they will be doing some guided play with that.  I don’t really have a problem with them fighting it.  We pretend that someone needs something, and take turns acting out (not just stating) being kind, and polite.

They actually used the sensory bin one day to make bean soup and butterfly pasta and had a “B” party (like a tea-party spin-off).  They are more creative than I am.  I actually don’t need to be overly involved in the guided play anymore.

I have them do guided play at 11:30 so I can make lunch.  Cheating?  I don’t care 🙂 .  Hey, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do, right?

What ideas do you have for letter B sensory play?  How do you work in other subjects like math, science and character building?


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