When God’s Word Hurts

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If you love Jesus and the sweet words He whispers to you, then no doubt you spend time in His Word.

Soaking it up.  Breathing it in.  Meditating on His every Word for you.  Desiring to live His best plan for your life.

You curl up with your favorite blanket, breathe in the sweet smell of your redeemed life, and you close your eyes.  You ask for discernment for the precious Words you are about to read.

When you are done, you settle in deeper and open up your bible.


Today, however, is uncomfortable.  Perhaps the words on the page are convicting.  Perhaps they reveal sin.  Maybe they squash a theory that you hold to be true.  Maybe they even shed light on a loved one–in a way that you don’t like.

Now what?  Do you shut the Book?  Or will you play the trail mix game–deciding what you like and what you will throw out?  Can you just keep reading?


Friends, if this hasn’t happened to you at some point, I’d be worried.

To not feel conviction and be uncomfortable–perhaps even challenged by His Word would mean that it doesn’t touch you.  It would mean that you don’t need change.  It would mean that you already had it all together.

Dare I say–it would mean that you were perfect.  And if you were already perfect, you wouldn’t need Jesus.  And therein is the lie.  You need Jesus.  I need Jesus.

Jesus is Holy and perfect.  As Holy, His Word is perfect and without flaw.  Each and every word in it is perfect guidance for how we may live our lives best.


To change any of it to better suit our feelings, convictions, or actions is to play the trail mix game.  Many partake of the game to get the parts they like and throw out the rest.  Will you?

Friends stand firm, let your faith be unshakable, and encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ to do the same.  Don’t compromise.  Your salvation is not a game.  It is black and white.  And our Creator wrote us an instruction manual for our short time here.


If your refrigerator wasn’t working, and reading the instruction manual you found out you must plug it in to work, yet you decided you didn’t want to, or it was too hard, or a really smart loved one told you it was optional–would that fix the problem?  Certainly not!  Picking out the parts of the manual you like and don’t like will not make a problem go away.  You must follow them all if you desire optimal results.


We are all in great need of being plugged-in Friends.  There will be times when you don’t want to obey His instructions.  There will be times when it is hard.  And there will be times when really “smart” people and loved ones tell you that parts of the bible are optional.

These will be times when His Word hurts.  And we are back to the original question.  Now what?  Do you shut the Book?


Perhaps you do.  But if so, only for long enough to ask for further revelation, seek repentance, and truly seek a change of heart.  There will be issues to work out.  Again, if there weren’t issues, you wouldn’t be in need of a Savior.

Make sure you pick your bible back up regularly.  Never stop.  Never stop living in the truth even when it’s hard or uncomfortable.


So what happens when His Word hurts?  Well, that’s how you know you are being touched by the Creator of heaven and earth.  That’s how you know you were important enough for the Holy Spirit to work with one on one.

That’s how you know you are sitting on an opportunity for growth.

When His Word hurts... God's Word is a love story to us all. But there are places in there that get uncomfortable, or even hurt us...


We’ve all been there Friends.  Do you handle it with rebellion or accepting grace?


21 thoughts on “When God’s Word Hurts

  1. Deborah, this is another great post! There are people close to me who don’t even want to read the Bible, and that makes me sad. My Bible is my most important book, and when I don’t understand certain things in it, I remind myself that God is good. His ways are much higher than my ways. Because I am finite I will not understand everything, but I do choose to trust Him and to keep reading. Blessings!

  2. This was a post which made me shift in discomfort because your words represent such truth. But those who look for the bits they like and ignore the bits they don’t are following the path that the Lord has planned for them, and only they can live the journey towards truth and light. Your writing is brilliant.

    1. I’m going to guess that was a typo, and you meant, “But those who look for the bits they like and ignore the bits they don’t aren’t following the path that the Lord has planned for them”?

  3. The uncomfortable moments aren’t fun! I did a post on my blog recently about being ‘unoffendable’. So convicting. So hard. So true!

  4. Great post Deborah, conviction when reading the scripture means the Holy Spirit is working. I feel particularly convicted reading proverbs. You know, it is better to dwell in the corner of the roof than with a contentious wife, that sort of thing :-). Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  5. Yes, His words often make me uncomfortable when I realize my own sin, or when He asks me to do something difficult that goes against typical human nature (such as forgiving and praying for enemies, etc.) I like most how you point out that when words hurt it’s because we’re being worked on, “touched” by the Lord, which is really a very loving thing. 🙂

  6. It always seems when there are those convicting moments He will continue to show them in my daily Bible reading until I meet Him to deal with it…..if I try to put it off.

  7. The whole world is shouting to people “do whatever you want, whatever way you want, and don’t let anyone tell you “no” With that dangerous and destructive philosophy floating around, what you said here is so, so very important! Believers must turn our ears carefully to the Word of God and respond to His truth even… and especially … when it tells us what we don’t want to hear. Thanks for this great post!!

  8. Yes, His word is sharp, and at times it is incredibly hard to read as we discover sin that lingers in places we didn’t realize it could hide. But His patience for us is unreal, and He continues to heal and protect us on this journey.


  9. Oh dear…no perfection here. I love the Word and how it speaks to me. It shines light into the dark places where I need to work on and also reminds me of God’s incredible love.

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