When We Aren’t Worshiping God

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As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.                                                                                                                                 Joshua 24:15


In our house, we serve the Lord.  Most people who are reading this, I imagine, serve the Lord too.

When you serve the Creator of Heaven and Earth, you fall in love.  You crave relationship.  Eventually, you worship–it can’t be helped.  It’s like when you find the man of your dreams and you can’t help but gush over him all the time.  But with God, it’s 100 times more amazing.


Do you ever find yourself in a place where you are saying to yourself,

I should be worshiping, and I know it’s supposed to be natural when you’re in love–and I’m in love.  So how come I’m not worshiping?

Could it be that you are worshiping something else for that time?

Sound ridiculous?

When you find yourself in a situation where you are deeply seeking Him, and you don’t know where that flame has gone for a time, I’d encourage you to try something.  Get two pieces of paper and a writing utensil.  Then go and sit down in your quiet place, seek Him in prayer by first thanking Him, then praising Him, and then asking for clarity and wisdom (James 1:5).

Then take your first paper and write a daily to-do list.  When you are done, just take the top 10 and erase or scratch out the rest.  Now prioritize this list.

Take your second piece of paper and make a list of all the things you want to think over and figure out this week.  This may closely correlate with your to-do list, or they may be completely different.  Again, when you are done, just take the top 10 and erase the rest.  Again, prioritize this list.

When you are done, put the lists aside (perhaps inside your bible).  Pray over these lists today.

Tomorrow, pull these two lists out, and carefully look them over.  Would you still agree that at least the first three things on each list are your priorities?

At this point, scratch off the last seven things on each list.  What’s left?

I think what’s left should tell you a lot about your priorities.

There are only 3 things on your daily to-do list.  Does at least one of them include nurturing your relationship with the Almighty?  Is praise, worship, prayer time, or reading your Bible on this list?  Is it number one?

There are only 3 things on your to-think-about list.  Do any of them involve a bible study?  A verse you are meditating on?  An answer you are waiting for from God?  Are any of these things number one?


I think if you have taken the time to do this honestly in your heart with prayer, it will be revealed to you what you are worshiping.  Is God #1 on both of your lists? Or is He even on a list?

One of the things on these two lists is likely what you spend your time worshiping.  I know that sounds harsh.  I’ve done these lists myself.

I know the pain when I realize what it is that has captured my heart.  I know how hard it is to realize that although I should be spending my time worshiping my King, the reason isn’t because I’ve just gotten lazy–it’s because I’ve found something else to worship.

Everyone worships something or someone.  If you aren’t worshiping God, you are worshiping something else.  Is there anything else worthy of praise like our Messiah?


I also know the thankfulness that I felt once I had gone through this process, figured out what my idols were and reprioritized my life.

Jesus isn’t like the old lover that we’ve betrayed and now He’s gone forever.  He extends unspeakable grace to us.  And the greater our sin, the greater His grace. He is the love that becomes sweeter when we come to our senses and go back to Him.

Article focuses on those who deeply seek Christ and are devoted to finding out why they don't feel like they are really worshiping the King, and some thoughts to get you back on track.

Are you in His arms?  Or do you need to find your way back?


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  1. Hi, Deborah! I thank you for sharing this. You’ve asked some tough questions, but necessary ones! I appreciate how you draw us back to the Lord. 🙂

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