Why Are You Here?

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It’s human nature at it’s very core to look at people around us and see their worth.

We look a bit longer at people around us who are attractive.  We notice who is smart.  We notice who has talent.  We notice people who seem to have a lot of friends.

Even when we don’t “like” another person or want to admit positive attributes connected with that person, we notice.  We may subconsciously put them down—but we still must admit we see their worth.

Unfortunately for some of us, when taking a look at ourselves, we just can’t find our worth.  And when it’s really bad, we may even start to wonder why we are even here.

Have you been there Friends?  Are you there now?


It’s important to remember Friends, that each time you hear that little voice telling you you are worthless, lazy, stupid, ugly or otherwise, that you are hearing the enemy’s voice.  The very enemy that was thrown down from the heavens 6000 years ago has his target on you.

Why?  Because the Creator of the heavens and earth has a special place in His heart for you.

You are the apple of His eye.

While you sleep He plans what you will eat.  When you get into the car He plans for your safety.  When you need it the most, He picks out who He will prompt to call you.  And even when you don’t know how to even pray for yourself, the Holy Spirit is busy interceding for you (Romans 8:26).

He loves you Friends, and it angers the enemy.


You aren’t here by chance.  You aren’t here as an experiment.  He doesn’t sit back and wonder what you’ll do today, and then find your life so boring that He doesn’t look at you again for months or even years.

He who can do anything, make anything, create anything, made you.  He didn’t make you with the roll of the dice.  He picked everything about you.

When an artist paints a picture, he picks the canvas and the colors.  He creates a work of art to be precisely what he wants it to be.  In it’s very design, it is created to be just what the artist desires.

You are a work of art, and the Artist created you to be just what He desired.

He watches you and He’s waiting every second of every minute of every day for you to look to Him.  Think about Him.  Talk to Him.  Listen to Him.  Read His book written just for you.

He never walks away from you.  He is to your left and to your right.  He leads the way, and He walks behind you.

No person is a mistake.  No person was created worthless.

When you can’t see your own worth, there is good news in that His ways are not yours.  He will not see your side on this one because He sees just what your worth is.  He is after all, the Creator of your worth.


So why are you here?

When we are so distraught that we don’t know our own worth, I suggest we open our bibles to the very beginning.  Ask ourselves why God created man at all even though He knew well of the mess we would get ourselves into.  Look at the Garden of Eden, and ask yourself why He made Adam and Eve.

God already had angels to worship Him.  He was looking to create something different.

After He made Adam and Eve, He walked with them in the garden.  Man was made to walk with God.  Man was made for relationship.  You were made for relationship.

Your purpose in life is to get to know God.  You are here so you can have a relationship with the Most High King–because that is His purpose for your life.

If you’ve been spending your time trying to vie for the approval of a person, or employer, or group of people, I can only encourage you to stop.  Although you may be able to work toward making yourself valuable to any of these, focus on the Maker of all good things and realize you already have value.

When you are down and can’t find your own worth, look to the One who invites you to come to Him.  Spend your time developing a relationship with Him instead of the world.  Once you do and you start developing or renewing your relationship with Him, you will better start to understand why you are really here.

It's easy to see the value and worth in other people. But sometimes we struggle to see our own value and worth. One need only look to God's Word to find purpose.

Have you been in that ugly self-reflecting place before Friend?  I would love to be inspired by your story of how God pulled you out.


8 thoughts on “Why Are You Here?

  1. What an excellent post! Many people don’t realize the relationship we’re to have with God, not just the instant gratification that they expect from prayer. We’re here for His purpose! Love this post!

  2. Deborah, we are beloved daughters and sons of the one true king! We are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made.” It is so important to remind each other that we have worth. I try to remember to tell the church youth that I work with that as much as I can. I want them to know they are loved and valued!

  3. Right on the mark dear sister in Christ! This is a wonderful post that needs to be read. I cannot tell you how often I encounter women who NEED to read this. A daily drawing near to Him is needed to keep us spiritually and emotionally charged to encounter all the devil would like to throw at our mind and heart, to depress and distract us. We cannot avoid these attacks only be prepared to fight them off in His strength. I am loved, I am confident and I am secure in my eternal home. That cannot be taken from me. Have a blessed day- you are cherished! JO

  4. Thank you for sharing today! I struggle daily with the issue of self worth. The Lord is freeing me and for that I praise Him!!! It is such bondage. I have been blessed by stopping by:)

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