A World Ripping Honor Away From Our Husbands

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Sometimes life is messy.

At times, being an adult is also messy.

Being married is no different.  Eventually we all have a messy episode.  And sometimes the messy events happen again, and even start to happen more frequently.  They last longer.  Perhaps there even comes a point when the episode becomes the marriage.

There are no longer episodes.  Instead, the entire marriage has become a mess.

What is a wife to do when the fantasy has disappeared?


More and more, society is accepting two ways around this “inevitable consequence” of marriage.

In many places around the world, divorce has become or is becoming acceptable. More than acceptable, in some places it’s even encouraged.

A worldly friend tells a woman who isn’t happy in her marriage, “You deserve better.  You deserve to be happy.  He doesn’t deserve you.  The kids don’t deserve to have unhappy parents.”

We have become a society focused on having what we deserve.  We somehow convince ourselves that we deserve divorce, and as time goes on, we claim this as if it’s a gift–the gift of divorce.

As society progressed and recognized the dramatic increase in divorce rates, an alternative was suggested and implemented.  To protect us all from getting divorced, we should now date for a very long time.  Society’s suggestion as the cure for divorce has simply become just don’t get married in the first place.

A new “freedom” was born.  When a woman didn’t marry her boyfriend, she needn’t give him the honor he deserved.  She was free to leave as she wished. She was free to pursue her wants above his.  She was free to have a separate life away from him if she desired.

This new freedom has become a plague.  A plague that has diseased non-believers, and is creeping it’s way into the churches too my friends.

Ladies, I urge you to be a godly friend to the married couples around you. Vaccinate them with prayer, encouragement, and words of truth before this plague hits them.

And should they find themselves in the messy, again I urge you to pray for and encourage them with words of truth.

We don’t honor our husbands because they deserve it–just like they don’t treat us as they would themselves because we have earned or deserved it.  We honor our husbands simply for that reason–because they are our husbands.  Because we follow a Holy and Living God who bids us to do so.  Because we don’t live by freedoms of this world–but by the provisions of love and grace, we live obedient to Christ.


And Friend, if you are in the messy place now, plagued with promises of entitlement, shake them off.

Jesus bids us seek Him in our messy places.  While it may be intensely difficult to see right now, you are being given an invitation to boldly come before the throne and have a 1:1 with the King of Kings.  You are being given an invitation for intimacy with the Creator of all the universe.

Don’t let the world attempt to redefine God’s Word for you.  Don’t let it redefine honor for our husbands.

Slowly, time and a changing culture are attempting to redefine how a man is honored or even when he *deserves* that honor. How does this definition stack up to God's Word?

How are you honoring your husbands when marriage gets messy?


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