You Can Dance Again

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At some point we are all hit with the sobering and oftentimes crippling reality. Yes, Adam bit from the forbidden fruit.

And now we have pain.

And now we have death.

And now we have suffering.

None of us are immune to tragedies.  None of us are guaranteed that one of our loved ones won’t be ripped away from us–perhaps slowly–perhaps in an instant.

But Jesus is good!

Even when the world falls apart and we don’t know how we will get out of bed in the morning, much less face the next 24 hours, we know deep down that Jesus is good.

But the reality?  Many of us can’t feel that.  We are in a place where we can’t hear the sweet sweet song of His sacrifice, the ballad of His perfect and limitless love. We don’t hear the melody, and we can’t sway to the rhythm.  Our dance has gone.  And we can’t imagine ever getting it back.

As much as our pride doesn’t want to admit it, many of us no longer feel His goodness.  When it was someone else’s child, someone else’s friend, someone else’s husband, Jesus was still good through the heart break.  But now?



We would be lying to each other if we pretended that even as Christians there are times we can’t always feel His love.  Our hearts don’t understand the loss.

And when someone tells us time will heal all wounds, we know it’s not true. We can’t hear Jesus right now, and we don’t want to hear false hopeful messages. What do we need to hear?  What can heal us?


We need to hear from someone who’s been there–and came out healed–in one piece.  Someone who is honest and tells us, I’m not going to lie to you–it’s going to be a long, hard road.  And we need that person to remind us of Jesus’ words.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”                                                                                                                              John 16:33

And we need to let Jesus in.  Jesus is who can heal us–even in this hurting world.


As I picked up my copy of Susan’s B. Mead’s latest book, I fully intended to read a chapter a day.  I had a notebook, and a pen.  I was ready to take notes to ponder and draw parallels to situations I had counseled so many depressed and grieving patients and their families through.

What happened instead was that I read it from front cover to back–right there.  Even though I didn’t have the time.  Every chapter opened with scripture that had me worshiping the King.  And every chapter had me in tears–yes, Susan, if you’re reading this–I was in tears.

I cried with each chapter for your story, for your losses, and for the joy I have over the joy you found in your King.  I cried for your story–uniquely your own–but mine too.  And I believe anyone who’s ever lost someone shares this story with Susan.


For anyone who’s grieved or is grieving, and desires to move toward healing–for anyone who desires to move from grieving to grace–or knows someone else who is in this painful place–or soon to be–Susan’s story is a difficult one where she shares how she got not only to that place of grace, but the place of dancing–Dancing With Jesus.


Enter to win your signed copy of Dance With Jesus by Susan B. Mead plus a little surprise from The Farmer's Wife from Growing In His Grace.

A few short days ago, I was so pleasantly surprised to open this beautiful box from Susan and find my signed copy.  Thank you Susan.  But guess what else she did?  She signed a copy for one of you too.  Would you like to win a copy?  I know it will bless you–or a grieving friend.  Enter to win below (you can enter every day until the giveaway ends, if you’d like).


Enter Giveaway Here (CLOSED)


For those of you who aren’t feeling lucky, or just can’t wait, her book, Dancing With Jesus has already been released.  You can pick up your copy by Kindle (Dance With Jesus ), or purchase the paperback (Dance With Jesus ).


Who is this book best for?  

Dance With Jesus is a short book (an easy read just over 100 pages), made for grieving brothers and sisters, as those who grieve often have short attention spans.  While I don’t think it’s best for someone who lost a loved one today, it would be appropriate, I believe, soon afterward.

I personally believe this book is best suited for two types of people.

First, I believe it is best given as a gift to someone who is grieving.  Let’s remember that those who are grieving are often just trying to survive–and often don’t reach out.  We need to look for and reach out to them.

Second, nursing students.  Yes.

As a trauma professional at a large hospital, I saw families ripped apart with no warning.  I grieved for them–all of them.  I would go home and release tears for them and pray for them.  And then, because of the nature of the beast, the next day it started all over again.  I had to release the previous day’s families and embrace a set of new ones.

I did not get to see these families after they left the hospital.  Over and over.

Not only is Susan’s story mine and yours too, I am sure, but through the book, I imagined hers was one of the families I cried with, prayed for, and then said good-bye to.  She is the family my hopes and prayers were for.


This isn’t the book you will set on your shelf and admire it’s beauty (although it is very nice).  This is the book that will show someone you can heal.  And then that person will hand it to someone else.  And that person will hand it to someone else.  I am sure this will be the fate of my copy when the next person in my life has reason to grieve.  I believe this will soon be one of the most passed around books out there.

Even if you aren’t grieving now, having a copy at your disposal will give hope to someone you love.  I wish you could all win a copy.  It only takes a minute to enter.

You Can Dance Again...Some encouragement for those who feel as though life has let them down and they will never be able to feel joy again.

I hope you all dance with Jesus every chance you get.


25 thoughts on “You Can Dance Again

  1. This is a very unique give away when you think about topic content. I’d probably give it to my Mom to read first as she is still in some stages of grief. But it is one to pass around and hang onto as needed.

  2. How timely! The past 15 years of my life have been marked by a great deal of death. Three miscarriages, my grandfather, my uncle, my grandmother, my husband’s grandfather, my father, all three of my husband’s grandmothers, and then just last summer, his mother. And now my own mother will soon be on hospice. I wonder if she will see her next birthday this winter. It seems almost trivial to mention the deaths of my dog and four of our cats. If you’ve kept count, that’s more than one every year. My heart is so tired. I know Jesus is good. He has provided abundant strength and grace through all of this. But I would like to be able to dance again, rather than force a weak smile on my face.

    1. Anni, your story is heartbreaking. What a witness you are for Christ! Still, I understand the hurt and longing not just for rest but looking forward to the dance again. Blessings to you Anni, and good luck. (Don’t forget you can come back and enter tomorrow.)

  3. What a great reminder and resource for the hurting – which is all of us at some point in our lives. We’ve been through some tough stuff, but I can unequivocally say – HE IS GOOD!!!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and for offering the giveaway!

  4. Deborah, Thanks for writing and making this book available for a prize! Losing someone we love hits all of us at different intervals of our lives and grief is a tricky thing. I can’t wait to read this book.

  5. That *is* a beautiful box. 🙂 How sweet of Susan to bless you with that.
    Love the thought of a ragged. tear-stained copy of _Dance with Jesus_ being passed around grieving circles. What a tender, sacred thing it becomes once it’s passed through sorrowful hands.

  6. How beautifully said. It is easy from the sidelines to remind someone of God’s goodness, but so much harder to see it sometimes when we ourselves are going through something so difficult as grief. I’ll put it on my reading list!

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