Your Homemaking Is A Witness

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There are so many rewards that come with a life of homemaking.  Some are worthy of praise, and honestly, some are not.

Should we choose to concentrate on our homemaking by putting time and effort into it, and enjoying it with all that is in us; it can serve as a powerful witness in our lives.

And who doesn’t want to point everyone and everything in their lives to Christ?

When we pour our love and time into our homes and families, generally, others notice.  The signal this gives to others is how Christian women love their home, their families, and the role they have been genetically given by our Lord.  More and more today, this attitude is being lost in the world.  For us to hold fast to it, is to acknowledge a life of obedience to the Lord, and also gratefulness to His plan for us.

Christian women have the opportunity to express to others who are serving self (–I don’t have to be a homemaker–I don’t have to honor a man–I don’t have to get married–I don’t have to have this child within me–etc. etc. etc.) that we don’t accept serving self as the best way.  We serve a loving God who has a plan.  We are a part of that plan.  

This isn’t foolproof however.

There are inevitably some parts of homemaking that various women just aren’t going to like.  Should we fake it?  Absolutely not!  Should we…perhaps…try different things?  Sure.

I hate ironing.  So when I purchase clothing and/or material for clothes, I don’t buy the stuff that needs ironed.

I have a friend who hates washing dishes.  She got a dishwasher.

Yet another friend has anxiety with gardening–so she’s dug it up and planted grass that she enjoys mowing.

Faking things and making ourselves do certain things just to fit the mold is an excellent way to make ourselves fail and be miserable.

But is there one thing you do well?  Do you love to bake?  Sew?  Maybe you’re good at decorating?  Use what your passions are in your homemaking.  Others will notice.  They will see your consistency, and your joy.

And then when they talk to you about it, you can give the glory to the Lord.
To all my Friends who think they are "just" a stay-at-home mom... Have you ever thought about your homemaking being a witness for Jesus?
What is your favorite part of homemaking, or what do you loathe and how do you overcome it?


2 thoughts on “Your Homemaking Is A Witness

  1. I totally agree! Being who God made you to be is glorifying to Him-even when all the parts sometime are rusty(not the fun things). We get the chance to say “by God’s grace I am becoming more and more like Him every day through the trials and the blessings”. For me it’s cleaning the bathroom and dusting that are my least favorite chores but I try and do them every so often to keep me humble and other times just because it’s good discipline. I can’t get rid of the toilet or things that need dusting but I choose to have a good attitude because I am frateful that I have a toilet and pretty things around my home~so many of the women around the world have neither. If you can’t change your circumstance, change your attitude.

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